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So how bad would this look.


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  • So how bad would this look.

    Back in the Spring of 2000, I was charged with Trespassing. This was along with my Twin Brother, my Dad, and my Brothers girlfriend's dad. The two fathers were let off during the court hearings, but my brother and I were charged with a fine. The occurance happened when twin brother and GF's Dad were driving in the rain down and got lost and somehow slipped into a ditch. They then called my Dad and I to come and see if we could help pull them out. When we arrived, we pulled out a rope and tried to hook it up to his car. Well a sherriff's deputy came down the road and said, 'turn off the car and come around slowly to my brother and I. Then the two Dad's walked out. The 2 deputies looked shocked. They said, "you 4 are all trespassing." Well had no idea, there were no signs to where the road ended or began onto to someones land and no trespassing signs. The two sheriff deupties even let my Dad go to the land owners house and ask to see if he would let us off because this was a just honest mistake. But of course nothing. We were all taken down to the jail, no handcuffs or miranda rights were read. But the court hearing, we were refunded the bail, and only fined $75.00 for my brother and I. The land owner had to pay $300.00 in court costs.
    My twin brother is now a 2 Lt. in the US Army with the 1st Cav armor divsion. He is training at Ft. Knox, KY and will be based out Ft. Houston, TX in September before maybe being depolyed to Iraq.
    So with this long story, will this look bad on Police application? Or will just depend on the department. My background consists on 2 Bachelors degrees and a minor in Japanese and Spanish for education. 1 speeding ticket when I was 18. Very clean credit, just have to pay off the school loans.
    Thanks for all and any answers and comments-
    I think girls go after me for my Jeep

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    It's seven years later and your trespassing hasn't evolved into meth lab running or bank robbery?

    Depending on how bad the agency you're looking to hire on with, needs cops, I would just get out there and apply.

    Last year, LAPD had a class of 44...22 of which had been arrested for one thing, or another. They got through. If you're a good candidate, you will too!
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      Sounds like you would be fine to me.


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        Based on the time frame, it looks like the trespassing would not be a significant issue. Give a full account of the circumstances and if there are no other problems, you should be fine.
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          How Bad?

          Don't think it's going to be a killer. Be honest about it.


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            Yeah I was hoping I would hear that. Since the federal government let my twin brother become a US Army officer, I was thinkinghoping it might not being 'huge' issue, but then again.....every department and state has it's own rules.
            Thanks again.
            I think girls go after me for my Jeep


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