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i dont have enough friends!


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  • i dont have enough friends!

    a month ago i turned in my background packet, and i did the oral interview. on one of the pages of packet it asked for 7 references... 7 people who are friends than ive known for 2 years and are within 10 years of my age... basically i only have 2 friends, who ive kept in contact with from highschool.
    the back ground investigator called me a month later and he wants an interview with me in 4 days from now, he told me on the phone that without at least 6 friends my background cant go threw. i know at least 5 more people who i would think are friends, but ive known them for no more than 5 months... should i lie and just put them on it?
    so what do i tell my investigator? that i dont have 5 more friends?
    and now im thinking my prosses of being a officer just got held back 2 years... cause thats how long im going to need to know 5 more people for
    this is for the LAPD btw

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    NEVER lie about ANYTHING in the process of getting hired as a police officer - they'll want nothing to do with you if you lie. Especially LAPD.


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      Don't have enough friends.

      Damian, DO NOT LIE!! Excuse my shouting, but I want to make a point. One of our forum members does backgrounds for LAPD, and hopefully, he'll provide you with a little more insight. But, in the meantime, Do not lie!!


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