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Becoming a cop with Crohn’s disease and hearing loss


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  • Becoming a cop with Crohn’s disease and hearing loss

    Hi, I was wondering if there is a chance that any law enforcement department or agency would hire me. I currently take medication for my crohns and it has been in remission with no problems for 5 years. I also have hearing loss. I currently do not use hearing aids as I don’t quite need them, but if I join law enforcement I would probably need them as I fall slightly below the hearing requirement.
    Lastly if the answer to ^^ this questions is yes, are federal departments like the usss ud and capital police more strict when it comes to medical issues. Thank you for your input.

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    My classmate in the Academy had Crohn's. So that wasn't a DQ.


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      I think the hearing might be your biggest issue. While there are certain laws/regulations that pertain to resonable accommodation, you would have to prove you don’t pose a threat to yourself, other officers, or the public. Depending on how bad your hearing loss is, that might be tough. Some agencies, both state and federal, will allow you to take a speech discrimination/clarity test if you can’t pass the pure tone. The test gauges your ability to understand spoken words and a certain volume. If you can’t pass that, you might be out of luck. I personally don’t know of anyone on the job who wears hearing aids. I’m sure they are out there, I just haven’t seen it; and, they were probably already working before the deterioration got to that point. Not hired with it that way. All you can do is try! Good luck.


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        I have worked with 3 police officers in Ohio who have worn hearing aids, and at least two of them had the hearing aids when they were hired.


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          If your Chron's is manageable you should be good. I work with two guys who wear hearing aids so I don't see that as an issue either.


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            Thanks for the reply’s, definitely reassuring neither are automatic dq’s


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              My daughter has Crohns, has had two major surgeries because of it, her doctor says hers is a 10 on a 10 scale and she had had it for 25 years now..The Remicade treatment she had ended up giving her Lupus...Sadly it has really affected her quality of life.

              I supervised a LASD Deputy that had Crohns and his was severe enough he was unable to complete his patrol training as he was constantly having to go to the restroom, which we all know is impossible when your working a fast ghetto station.
              Retired LASD


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                In terms of your Crohns, and this is just a health tip, look into a specific carbohydrate diet. It's amazing how a proper diet can alleviate medical issues


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                  Lol, been on diet for years


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                    First read this http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Gastro.pdf

                    Then read this http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Hearing.pdf

                    While these are California's standards, the principles behind them are fairly universal and don't stop at the state line. You will find that most law enforcement agencies throughout the country follow similar standards

                    Print these documents out, send them to your respective gastro and hearing doctors and ask that they read them. Then ask them to pretend they are employed the the law enforcement agencies your are applying with and are being paid to look out for that agency's interest and not yours. Finally, ask them if they would approve you for hiring based on these standards, knowing what they do about your condition. That will give you a ballpark idea as to where you stand.
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                      I'm 70% disabled according to the VA. Among my disabilities are Type I diabetes (my pancreas was damaged in a LOD accident), a fractured spine with two-level fusion (same accident), hearing loss requiring hearing aids (tanker for 16 years) and various and sundry other minor defects.

                      I completed the academy at 43 and was hired, all AFTER my medical retirement from the Army... and I'm on my second department now, so I've been hired twice.... three times if you count the move from jail to patrol at the sheriff's office.

                      You have to figure out what the standards are, how to meet them or otherwise overcome the problem.

                      If that isn't possible where you are find out where you CAN meet the standard and move there.
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                        Dang, thanks for the post, good to know people with medical issues are not overlooked.

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