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Confidential Background Investigation


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  • Confidential Background Investigation

    How much of your background gets out to your family and friends?

    Say I smoked weed 5 years ago but it is in the past and will never do it again. Will my current girlfriend find out about it?

    If I had a run in with the law in college will they ask my family about it?

    So the question is .. how much of the information found out from one person or found out from papers transfers to the other people?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Confidential Background

    It all depends. Background checks, like other investigations, can go to some unexpected places. Are there any guarantees your girlfriend/parents won't find out about the incidents you mentioned? No. Is it likely they'll find out? Again, probably, no. Unless you tell them.


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      Im not really trying to hide anything. I made mistakes (drugs not being one of them I was using it as an example) and I will live with them. I am just trying to avoid the headache.

      It just interest me how all of this works. I have done a lot of research on the other parts of the hiring process to best increase my chance to get hired and now im focused on the background investigation.

      I am just really wondering what kind of questions are asked of family and friends. I had a shaky college experience (that is putting it really kindly) and im wondering what kind of questions will be asked of them. I want to best prepare them for what questions may come.



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        I'd say tell them, but thats just me. IT was back in college man! And sometimes those stories turn in to laughs in the future, provided it wasn't too serious.


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          Background Investigation

          When you say "shakey college experience", that could mean almost anything. I don't expect you to tell us here on the forum. If it had to do with academics, it probably isn't going to be a problem. A minor law violation probably isn't going to be a problem either. Here's the key. You need to be honest with the process, which means with the Background Investigator. Start ommiting, rationalizing, making excuses,(quite a few folks do) and you'll be history as far as LE is concerned.


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            It was all grades .. I just wasn't ready to bear down and focus on school .. Lot of other things going on and I made mistakes.

            I fully intend on being straight up with the investigator. I believe they will find out about it and better from me. I am just wondering how much information they find out gets to the others around you.

            In other words will they ask my current girlfriend/family about my college grades. It isn't a big deal I would just like to prepare them for it.


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              You tell your story, upfront and honestly.

              The BI looks for what you don't tell them.

              If you tell the BI, "I smoked grass in school, five years ago."

              They will only ask your current girlfriend...and other friends/family for that matter, "Have you ever seen him use marijuana?" If they say no, the BI follow-up question won't be..."Hey he said he smoked it five years ago, are you trying to cover for him?"

              You BI is only looking for what your friends say about you, not telling your friends what you've said about yourself - Exception, you smoked grass with a friend and tell your BI that. You friend is asked if he's ever seen you smoke grass and he says no. The BI says, "He says you smoked it with him, does that change your answer?" Do you see a difference, there?
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                Thank you very much .. that helped explain it to me .. I dont know why I didn't really see it like that now that I am looking back.

                I fully intend on telling him about my school history. That is the only thing in my background that will raise any flags.

                I appreciate all the help!


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                  go HONEST or dont go.GOOD LUCK


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