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Minor Bipolar CONTROLLED WITH MEDS chance of getting hired?


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  • Minor Bipolar CONTROLLED WITH MEDS chance of getting hired?

    I have been diagnosed with MINOR bipolar disorder. It is controlled with medication. I am stable, but was wondering if I have a chance of getting hired. Any responses would be appreciated.

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    Law enforcement candidates are evaluated to determine if they are free from any emotional or mental condition that might adversely affect the exercise of the powers of a police officer, and to otherwise ensure that they are capable of withstanding the psychological demands of the position.

    Whether you can be hired will depend on your mental state at the time of processing, as determined through a series of written and in person psychological evaluation as administered by a licensed psychologist.

    None of us have the medical expertise and training necessary to assess such a condition and (as previously stated) this is usually done by a licensed psychologist and not a police officer.

    If you are familiar with emotional and psychological issues, you might want to download and read http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/...ing_Manual.pdf

    Whiule these are California's standards for psychological screening of police applicants, the medical and professional principles behind them don't stop at the state line and most states follow similar guidlines.
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      Around here, based on prior applicants, you'd be stretching it to get hired. The biggest issue I see, personally, is that it is medication controlled. Our working environment is way too unpredictable to be able to say 100% that you'll be able to take medications at a prescribed time. It's one of the reasons all my diabetic friends went with the insulin pumps due to the issues around scheduling dosing and adjusting it to activity.


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        Like L-1 said, none of us have the medical expertise and training to assess your situation. That said, my personal opinion is you will likely have a difficult time getting hired. From my limited knowledge of bipolar disorder, there are certain triggers that can lead to a bipolar “episode.” One of the biggest is stress. To say we work in an extremely stressful environment would be the understatement of the century. So it boils down to how, and if, you will be able to perform under such conditions.

        You said your condition is controlled with meds; however, you likely are in a pretty stable environment. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but a big part of controlling bipolar is creating stability. Again, not something you’re going to find in this profession. I think trying to perform a high level “under circumstances that are tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving,” could be very difficult for someone with bipolar. Good luck to you.


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          This is something you’d bring up during your psychological and medical exams in the process. If they pass you then you can do the job.

          But be honest with yourself, psych tests aren’t perfect. If you are prone to severe mood swings or are unable to control yourself without the medication you probably shouldn’t be a cop.


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