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    Originally posted by Iowa #1603 View Post

    One of the best cops I ever worked for had a Mortuary Science degree HE kept his funeral director license active throughout his entire career even after he was appointed as the US Marshal for the district

    I have no problem with the CJ degree as it is a valid 4 yr degree that checks boxes. I also know MANY people who have then used that degree to enhance their careers as lawyers, insurance agents, non LEO investigators and other non related jobs. It checks boxes in MANY career fields.

    If the person is interested in learning the subjects covered in the degree it makes it much easier than getting a degree in a subject that you are not interested in. Getting a Business degree with KILL ME
    Actually my brother has a BA in CJ. He worked in insurance, that's a good point, Iowa. My degree is a BS in Medical Lab Technology. I changed careers to law enforcement and due to being a college grad made $5-6000 more a year than those that did not.


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      All the input is appreciated gentleman,

      I do understand that most degrees outside of STEM and the likes are pretty much to check a box, I began my college career as an engineering major and hated every single minute of my first three years. Like I mentioned, CJ is interesting and new, furthermore at this point I'd much rather finish these college years with something of interest. Someone mentioned that Law school does not care what you have a degree in, this is correct and is also a move that could be made in the future.

      It is common knowledge that after a while of working in the real world nobody gives much thought to the type of degree an employee has, just that they have the degree. I have a few family members (large family) with Poly-sci degrees (and the likes) that make $80-100k+ working for construction/accounting firms. Luckily for me, I have a solid set of opportunities and skills that I could fall back on if need be. But LE seems to be something of deep interest.

      Staying as far as possible away from the (Reefer) because I now understand its a downside in this field, unfortunately I was raised where its treated like alcohol and had no prior influences that brought me to a conclusion of marijuana use being a negative until within the last year or so when my interest in LE came to fruition.

      I have worked quite a bit during summers and often during school, been a concrete cutter, plumber, laborer, painter welder, fabricator, mechanic and even at one point was an assistant superintendent, never been fired or missed a day of work improperly. This experience will only continue to accumulate in the time until graduation.

      Reading through the other threads in this section has me pretty comfortable with the hiring probability, seems if I stay straightforward, honest and in good health, I'll be fine.



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        If you are only a year away from an engineering degree, I would serious consider just sucking it up and finishing it. A degree like that will help you stand out if you want to get in to traffic crash reconstruction, as well as some other things. A degree will open certain doors. An engineering degree will open up more doors.


        • Mechanic6
          Mechanic6 commented
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          I'm about 3 years from an engineering degree, its a 5 year program and I retook quite a few classes in my years. Definitely "suffered" through the first three years. It's not for me plain and simple.

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        I know you have to be happy w/ your career, but if I had to do it over again, I'd be in the HVAC field, plumbing, etc. You have to follow your dream and I wish you luck but that is the direction I would take.


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          Portland police chief relaxes education standard for new recruits, allowing no college; may also allow tattoos above collar, beards

          Facing a critical staffing shortage, Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw next month is relaxing hiring standards for the bureau: A high school diploma or GED certificate now will be sufficient.

          And there’s more: Tattoos above the collar and beards might also be allowed.

          The change in the education requirement take effect July 1, the chief announced Wednesday.

          The bureau has 128 officer vacancies and hasn’t been able to fill them as fast as veterans are retiring, with another large wave of retirements expected in August 2020.


          Maybe the CJ degree, or any degree for that matter, is becoming obsolete, at least in regards to meeting basic hiring requirements. The candidate pool is so shallow in Oregon, all that's needed is a GED. Face and neck tats are fine now too.

          Image result for police with neck tattoos
          Chance favors the prepared mind.

          -Louis Pasteur


          • Bing_Oh
            Bing_Oh commented
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            I've never had a problem with (inoffensive) tats in LE and think that outright banning them is close-minded and majorly old school, but W...T...F... Neck tats are just, no.

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          Big MS13 tat seems ok. I mean, why restrict who you hire Chief. It’s only a Police job...lack of standards is WHY your agency is so ****ed up.
          Now go home and get your shine box!


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            As a point of clarification, the person in the above photo is wearing a New South Wales police patch.


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