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  • Just got to wait it out now

    had my psyc today, thought it went really well...those 800 questions take forever but just glad its over. just got to wait for the results now, then its meet the chief time!

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    I know there are threads on the site with some MMPI example questions, but I'm curious if you could maybe list some that stood out, since it's probably fresh in your mind?


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      psyc questions

      there were definitely a lot of repeats in order to set up some kind of pattern.
      there were a lot of questions about
      -whether you have ever had to stop a spouce/mate from trying to hurt you.
      -are yo an honest person
      -do you love taking risks, only to set up later if you think safety measures are good ideas and if you follow them
      -variations of drug questions (have you smoked weed? a lot or socially? do you need alcohol to relax? do you enjoy a 6-pack of beer or 4-5 drinks? how much do you drink a week?
      -where did you rank among other people your age
      -are you more successful then most people your age
      -do you see yourself as a success
      -do you enjoy life
      -have you seen most of what life has to offer
      -have you thought about suicide
      -do you get along with people well
      -do you get uncomfortable in a crouded elevator
      -would you engage in a conversation with a stranger on a long train ride or airplane
      -do you like airplanes
      -do have any unregistered guns
      -do you collect guns
      -do you feel safer on the streets if you have a weapon

      those were a lot of the ones that i saw repeated throught the test...it was 800+ questions so there were several others but those stood out

      hope this helps


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        Sounds great! Good luck!


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