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Preparing for Civil Service and TEA


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  • Preparing for Civil Service and TEA

    Hi guys! I'm new here, but I have many questions. The main one (and yes, I've read most of the ICE TEA Exam thread) is how can I best prepare for the exam? I am taking it on 8 May, and then I have a state exam for DNR on 10 May. I've purchased two books to help, but they didn't really give me a lot of time to prepare, on top of studying for my finals (yay...I'm graduating!). I'd prefer to know more about the state civil service exam for WV too.

    I meet all the quals...4 year degree in Sociology, 2 yr in engineering, and 2 yr in Criminal Justice, military service (although I can't claim preference since I'm in the Reserves), and I already hold a secret clearance.

    I am just worrying myself sick over the exam since they don't even want to see a resume until after you pass it. I just know there are guys going in with 5 or 10 points on me and all I can do is try to ace the test without that. Any help would be great!


    PS. I noticed ICE asked about gender and if you were like to be considered for female only jobs...does that help me any?

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    Originally posted by avettestingray View Post
    . . . how can I best prepare for the exam? I am taking it on 8 May
    Well you really don't have much time.

    I would suggest getting both of these books:

    Go through them in that order. The first one is easier than the actual test, but will give you a good idea what the test format is like, and helps build strategies for taking the test. The second is harder and closer to the actual test and will help you gauge your actual performance.


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      Well, thanks for the reply. I already have both of those books and have been going through them. I don't know how much is applicable to the exam I am taking as the ICE book only shows the logical reasoning part.

      I was really hoping someone had taken a WV Civil Service Exam, so I can know the format, etc. I am testing for DNR Conservation Officer and I have a really good shot at getting the job if I can pass the test. There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day when one has to prepare for two tests with only a couple weeks notice.


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