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list of second chance agencies??


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  • list of second chance agencies??

    Where are some agencies that would be open to someone who did not pass probationary stage? Preferably in California but open to Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

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    Probationary period*


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      There is no "list"

      You will know a second chance agency when you see one.

      When compared to surrounding agencies you find the following:
      CRAPPY pay
      CRAPPY benefits
      CRAPPY moral
      CRAPPY equipment

      Even those agencies will have second thoughts on people who haven't passed probation since it is hard to train new staff when the rest of your staff is made up of marginal officers (thus a reputation for being a second chance agency)

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        Look at specialized state law enforcement agencies that have peace officers in major metro areas. Usually their pay and benefits are so low that a senior lieutenant makes what what a metro patrol officer makes with the locals and no one wants to work for them. Their typical applicant is someone who failed the background or psych with another agency. Someone who made it all the way through and got hired elsewhere might be a refreshing change, depending on what you got bounced for on probation.

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          I’ll add on to what Iowa said, try to target rural/small towns or towns located in high/remote/undesirable areas. Depending on why you didn’t pass probation, some bigger agencies might be willing to give you another chance.


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            Where are some agencies that would be open to someone who did not pass probationary stage? Preferably in California but open to Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada.

            Most of the ones I know about are industrial wasteland communities in the Rustbelt. Cities which once had thriving manufacturing sectors but then one thing after another hit: the oil embargo of the 70s, crack cocaine epidemic of the 80s, globalization of the 90s, Great Recession of the 00s, et. al., and they never recovered. Where the drinking water is poisoned and winter is endless. Where there's no industry or middle class to tax so they pay their officers peanuts and don't ask many questions about their past. Where hope has been completely abandoned, except for the lottery, religion, and college/pro sports. Where the employee roster is a roll call of rogues with skeletons in their closets. Where the police station looks like something from a creepy video game, with water dripping down the walls and electricity crackling from dangling wires....

            Those warm and sun-kissed places you mentioned are where the people who escaped the apocalypse went....
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              Failing probation tends to make further jobs harder but more important is why did you fail probation? Failing probation with a county agency because you couldn't get all the geography down might mean nothing to an agency that covers ten square miles. It also happens that personality conflicts happen between an officer and their agency; where you may have been a poor fit for one agency's culture doesn't mean you're a poor fit everywhere. On the other hand, if you failed probation for blatant officer safety issues, that's a bigger problem.

              Own it, be honest, don't hide it, but don't let one failure define you. I work with a younger officer who was failed out of FTO due to a personality conflict at her former agency. She fits right in at her current job and made it onto their full time list a year ago.


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