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going fo rmy first civil service exam today


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  • going fo rmy first civil service exam today

    Hi all! I have been hovering around these boards for about a month and have found allot of useful info, so I decided to log my experience here for others to see.
    I am 28 and have been married for seven years I have one child and have worked at the same place for eight years. So when I first started to be called into LE I was very scarred and still am.
    I was very fit in high school but the years haven't been kind ( well the Krispy Cream donuts either ) so I have spent the past month getting in shape. I run two miles a day and lift as much as possible. I also have access to the dept. obstacle course so I have been doing that once a week. My fitness now is within qualifications (1 mile 11 min and obstacle course in 1 min 45 sec) we will see what happens on games day. I have lost 12 lbs this month so that in it's self is an improvement.
    Today I am going to take the Civil Service Exam so wish me luck and pray for me, it has been a long time since I have taken a test like this.
    I guess the parts of the hiring process I am scared about are the poly - because of the unknown not because I have anything to hide, the BI - again because of the unknown and not because of skeletons in my closet, and the agility test. The orals I have recently had to do for a promotion at my current job so while I have jitters I not worried so much. Since I am telling all I guess there was one incident that I worry about at my former employer I was a trainer at a bank and one of my trainees was working off my cash box the transactions were off so much that my box was off $4000 not an even amount but approx. Well I was called to the main office and they questioned me of course and went through my bank records they didn't find anything because nothing was there but they still terminated me due to "not able to perform job duties" I have always felt bad about the errors and tried to find them but was not given enough time before they let me go( I still think they wanted me gone anyway but only needed a reason) so when I talk about that job I get "nervous" I guess you could say. I plan on telling the BI and the poly examiner but is there any advise.
    Any advice you can give for any part of the process would be helpful. They are needing officers in the Dept. really bad and will be moving the process really quickly to get me into the Academy fast and on the street. Also I have allot of friends in the Dept. to help me along and the are all veterans so they have said they will pull for me but your experience would be helpful as it is fresh.
    hang on it's going to be a bumpy ride

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    Good luck! I was excited and nervous when I took my written test too. It was my first test in over 15 years. I passed! Just read the questions carefully and you will do fine!


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      When I took mine Saturday, it was 60 questions, time limit was 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was a gruelling test even though it was pretty simple, just because you don't want to mess up. It was all multiple choice and you had to get 33/60 right to pass, I got 44/60.

      I'm not sure what your agency will have on the test, but if it's similar to LASD's written, it will be basic grammar. If you've prepared for it, you should do fine. Look sharp and be professional, good luck future brother!


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        passed the written

        I got a phone call from the recruiting officer last night at 9:30 he told I passed and they want me to take the agility test Thurs. now I have the 1 mile in 11 min and obstacle course to deal with.
        my test consisted of 100 questions and had a time limit of 1 hr 45 min. They were basic questions, first they gave us a booklet and we had 25 min to copy what we wanted and read the thing. I skimmed the thing and went straight to the important stuff, definitions and watch bulletins were top priority and then went to basic legal stuff (I felt that that might be the least amount of questions as we were new to that stuff) turns out I was right on. 99 % of what I took notes on was on the test. Even after going slow and making my self recheck everything twice I left after 1 hr 15min.
        Now I cant decide if I want to get a work out in today or let my body rest for tomorrow?
        hang on it's going to be a bumpy ride


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          lucky, are you athletic at all? if u are, a mile in 11 minutes is cakewalk, literally u can walk all 4 laps in that time. my best mile time was 6:37, worst was like 12 minutes if im a crab walker. you'll do fine, good luck bro


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