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FDLE re-certification question.


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  • FDLE re-certification question.

    If you look at my post history, you'll see that I said that I was an auxiliary member with my county sheriff's office. I left because I was involved with my church and most of details, which I had to complete a minimum amount per month, fell on the days where I would be helping out the church.

    That's a subject for another thread, but to my main point, according to FDLE, at least, how I understand it, in order to keep my certification in between separation from an agency, is to take a 40 hour course. Did I read it right? If so, How would one go about applying for the course?

    I'm still applying to agencies, but I just got a new job that pays decent and I have one application left with the county jail (not LEO) that I haven't heard back from yet. I want to wait until I and my work schedule is stable with the new job before I start applying again.

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    It would probably be easier to call FDLE and ask them
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      If I remember correctly, LEO certification expires in 4 years, which is from the time you begin the academy. Call FDLE and I’d tou have to take a class let me know.


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        Been some time since I worked down there. I too remember something about a 4 year window.
        I would call the closest academy and ask them about in service training.


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