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asking for opinions on my background


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  • asking for opinions on my background

    Hey everyone, I am just curious as to if my background will be a problem. Heres my story. Age 23, basically only ever had one real job,which I've been working for the last four years,and am in good standing with my employer. Excellent credit for my age. Highest level of education attained, Associate of Science. Now for the bad stuff. Smoked marijuana probably five to ten times during high school none from my senior year on. three tickets; ran a stop sign, passing in a no passing zone, and no seatbelt the seatbelt ticket was my last ticket which came the summer after graduating high school. Moving on to my biggest concern, psycho exgirlfriend! I wish I could give you guys the full story on this part but that would take hundreds of pages. Basically ex says i'm pregnant. I don't believe the child is mine. She finally admits its not mine. We split up. I go back to school. She ends up going to same school. One day while leaving a class with a friend I open a hallway door while my friend is telling how big of a "whore" her best friend has been acting at the same time my ex came through the door at the end of the hall and as we passed by I said "speaking of whores". The next day before my class a guy shows up and pulls me out class and takes me upstairs where a cop begins to read me my rights and to make a long story short, takes me into custody to the county jail were they end up not charging me with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, but write a city ordinance disorderly conduct ticket and then let me go. I ended up paying the ticket because I had broken the law. By the end of the week i was served with a summons for an Order of Protection, with this incident and another incident cited as the reasoning for wanting the Order of Protection. The other incident was a couple months prior when I tried to get her to pull over in town so I could ask why she was continuing to tell everyone that the baby was mine. When I went to court for the OP it was thrown out on my lawyers motion. Haven't seen or spoken to her since that day. All of this occured roughly two years ago. Any thoughts on my chances would be much appreciated. Oh and by the way I am not going to try and hide any of this in a background investigation
    Thanx guys

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    Originally posted by fooball_71 View Post
    I ended up paying the ticket because I had broken the law.
    Since you said you just called her a whore, I'm thinking there's a little more to this story than you wrote.


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      Actually that really is all there is to it, 2 years ago I didn't think a person could be arrested or cited for it either. As far as Illinois law goes I don't know if they can actually charge you with misdemeanor disorderly conduct for saying whore. But after talking to several PO in my area they said it was a violation of my cities code.


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        After all that comes out during the background investigation, which includes looking over the reports that were written by the responding officers, you shouldn't have any major problems.

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          After all the smoke clears and the dust settles, it's going to be up to what your Background Investigation turns up. A Protective Order never looks good, and can raise some potential red flags. Any domestic violence conviction pretty well torpedoes a law enforcement career, as Federal Law prohibits you from even owning a firearm or ammunition, let alone carrying one.You know what happened better than any one of us. I read the part of your post in which you stated you'd fully disclose the incident(s). Be certain that you do. Any ommission will be an almost certain DQ.


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