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    Hey guys—new to the forum here.

    Been reading all over the place for this one, but haven’t seen an answer for something like this yet.

    So—I’m obviously interested in going the LE route. The problem is, when I was 19 years old I was a little too into cars and driving fast. And then the driving too fast caught up with me: got convicted of misdemeanor flee/elude with a motor vehicle.

    The rundown of the event basically was: I was speeding, the LEO was at a stop light, I passed him in the other direction and he gave chase, he was in a large SUV and as result radio’d ahead, (it probably could have been argued that I didn’t know I was being chased because he was pretty far away from me and in a undercover car, however, integrity is all I have so of course I told the truth)—I then saw another police officer coming from the other direction with his lights on and knew that it was for me, and so I pulled over, no continued chase, no arguing, just pulled right over. It was the south, and apparently this county doesn’t mess around with speeders. In all honesty, I got spooked and ran.

    Where I was, it was considered a felony but due to my clean record, was very quickly dropped to a misdemeanor, no fines, just had to do a safe drivers course.

    I have applied to one of my local departments for the last 2 years now. Each time, I was denied—for what I assume was the flee/elude conviction.

    This year I emailed my background investigator and was advised that because it has now been several years since this childish event, I would certainly fit the bill of an applicant that has established some distance between this event and trying to become a police officer.

    However, I wanted to look at a few other departments, but was wondering if I am wasting my time in general with becoming a police officer due to what happed when I was 19.

    I talked to one of the commanding officers in one of the other departments I wanted to apply and was advised the same thing—it’s not a dealbreaker, we just want to see that there has been some time since the event and that you haven’t had any run-in’s since. Also helps that I have a ton of recommendations from guys already in this department.

    All things considered, this is the only blemish on my record. No drugs and never have, clean driving record, will have a Bachelors degree soon, former NCAA D1 athlete, etc. and plenty of recommendations (mostly from all of my current LE friends—hence a big factor in becoming a LEO).

    What are your thoughts?


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    I think you answered your own question but it depends on the department. Departments do not expect perfection in their applicants but some are more strict than others. If you go to a department that is having a hard time getting qualified applicants, they are more likely to overlook a misdemeanor traffic arrest than a department that rarely has openings and gets 50-75 qualified applicants for each opening. I know people who have become police officers after having DUI convictions so you definitely have hope.
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      Got it, thanks for the insight.
      You said misdemeanor traffic—is what I did considered that? It was a criminal felony charge that was dropped to a misdemeanor.

      Is it still a considered a traffic arrest because of the nature of it? I.e. not like robbing or assaulting someone?


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        It's not a violent crime and you have no felony convictions. Mileage will vary by department but I don't think misdemeanor traffic, in and of itself, will auto-DQ you. Like you said, own it in the background phase. We've all done stupid things when we were younger.


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          Agree with the above responses but I would expect to be having multiple "chats" about the incident with pretty much every agency.........
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            You keep harping on the fact that you were 19 - well how old are you now??

            Something like that from the recent past will affect you much more than if it was many years ago.


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