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Do I have to list ALL jobs on my application? HELP


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  • Do I have to list ALL jobs on my application? HELP

    I recently took the written test for the Milwaukee Police Dept. I was asked on my application to list previous jobs. I took this as list previous "real" jobs. I only listed the job I have now, it is the first and only F/T job I have had since getting out of school in 92. Everything before that was P/T High School stuff.

    Am I going to be in trouble for not mentioning those jobs?

    I can barely remember the order I had them in, they were all regular resturaunt jobs that most students have at some point in their lives.

    I have 15 years in with my current company, and have been in managment for most of that time. Will this be a good enough record of work history, or will the missing P/T jobs come back to haunt me?

    Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.

    Milwaukee PD

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    Just contact them and add an addendum page which list EVERY job. Unless it asks you for a specific period of time, they want to know every job. They will decide what they think is relevant, not you.


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      Thank you

      Thanks for the info. I have not gotten my results for the written test yet. Should I create my list of jobs and send that in now? Or just wait and see if my test results get me to the next phase and do it then.

      All opinions are greatly appreciated.

      Milwaukee PD


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        You'll probably be ok until you fill out your PHS. Make sure your PHS is current and accurate with everything you've ever done in your life. The PHS is the document that your BI is dealing with. The application is generally just to identify min. qualifications and get you in the process.
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          Thanks FTgolfer..

          That makes me feel alot better. I have been trying to figure out ways to make a accurate history of my high school jobs. Hopefully just explaining myself and giving a complete history on my PHQ will be acceptable.

          Not the ignorance is a good excuse, but this is my first time applying anywhere... I don't really know the ropes.

          Test results should be in the next week or two. Hopefully I did well enough to move on.

          Thanks again.
          Milwaukee PD


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