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What can DQ you from the hiring process?


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  • What can DQ you from the hiring process?

    HI, I am new to the forum would any of the following be automatic DQs (assuming you have not been caught and have no record of the following)?

    - drinking underage - a little in high school and more in college before i turned 21
    - buying alcohol for minors in college (bought for friends younger than me when i turned 21 and bought for my brother once)
    - drinking while driving (did a few times in college)
    - Paying for sex (did sleep with a prostitute once, not anything I am proud about)
    - Would paying for strippers for a bachelor party count in here as well?
    - giving out adderall in college to a couple close friends

    Also, how much does your credit score come into play when applying to departments? I read somewhere that having a bad credit score/bankruptcy on your credit score would DQ you, is that true? And if you have any traffic tickets, or had your licenses suspended at all?

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    All of the above.
    Now...send me $500 via pp for doing your homework.
    Now go home and get your shine box!


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      I expect college students to drink underage, so it's not a deal breaker, nor are the strippers. The rest are varying degrees of problematic.


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        It probably depends how old you are too. If this was 1 year ago it's a completely different story than if it was 15 years ago and you've been squeaky clean since.


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          Thank you guys for the feed back everything except for traffic tickets have been over 3-4 years ago


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            Adderall is the biggest del breaker that I see.
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