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please advise do i still have a chance


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  • please advise do i still have a chance

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    One of the hardest things applicants have difficulty with is this - It doesn't matter if charges were dropped or you were never convicted. What counts is what you actually did, convicted or not. So all those things cumulatively, 3 tickets in 3 years, dismissed reckless, 2 battery citations, drug possession citation, will be looked at to determine if there is anything in your personal history that meets the criteria for disqualification.

    There are two schools of thought. One is, time heals most wounds. If there is enough time of solid clean living since some disqualifying events, many things can be overlooked. OTOH, if there are many years of conduct that shows an ongoing pattern that demonstrates an applicant lacks any one of the minimum qualities of integrity, honesty, sobriety, dependability, industry, thoroughness, accuracy, good judgment, initiative, resourcefulness, courtesy, ability to work cooperatively with others, willingness and ability to assume the responsibilities and to conform to the conditions of work characteristic of the employment, then they may be DQed.

    It's hard to tell without having done and looked at the entire background.

    As a side note, your family's accomplishments mean nothing in the background. Trying to use them to prop yourself up with a BI may only pi*s him off..
    Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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        Originally posted by jg1214 View Post
        i know these types of questions have been beat to death and I have read the stickys however each case is a little different and my board interview right after my physical fitness at the end of this month I already applied and it appears I meet the minimum standards for this angency
        ( no convictions, no drug use within 5 years, no more than 3 tickets in 3 years and no collections on credit) all this was asked on the application. So here is the deal 11 years ago i was given a reckless driving ticket which was dismissed and 10 years ago i was arrested twice for simple battery and I was given a promise to appear for cannabis 1.5 grams which also was completely dropped nolle pross. Since then i have been squeky clean, I've been married for 8yrs almost and have two toddlers,I have been a watchmaker with a huge international company for 5 years now, I speak 4 languages russian, spanish, portuguese, and english. I'm also a member of a church in which I volunteer often with. Also all my refferals and most of my friends are leo including my stepdad and my father (retired), my granddad was a Army Captain in South Pacific ww2 and my great grand father was police chief in East St. Louis Illinois during the deppression. I just wanted a non bias opinion since everyone around also wants me to succeed so outside advice would be great. Btw I have a CCW, G and D license as well.
        l-1 i appreciate the honesty. you are right about me proping myself thru my family i even told my father this he thinks i still need to mention it somehow during my board interview i think ill take ur advice and let them find this out during the bi when they speak to my father. i am not planning to down play anything either i own my past mistakes so it is what it is. btw i dont have 3 tickets in 3 years i have 2 tickets in 5 years and one of them is failure to pay tow which aint a moving violation. the dept i applied is hurting back they lost their union no take home cars no returement pension everyone who could retire dis and now they need 100 new officers and for the laet 2 years they cant even get the 30 spots in the academy filled the last academy had 15 cadets only.
        If the department you're applying at is as desperate as you claim then I'd say you have a pretty good chance. But it begs the question why you would even WANT to work for a crap agency like that?


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          If the aaaaaa
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