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  • Another background post

    First off, I know you all answer a lot of these everyday... so I just wanted to say thanks, it's very helpful to read through the threads. Hopefully you all can give me some advice as well.
    Here's the things I think may hurt me...

    college grades (I had a great GPA in high school, then completely bombed in college. I left after a year and a half, with about a 1.25GPA. I was just immature and had no idea what I wanted to do.. for what it's worth, I went to college in 1998)

    credit problems (I had two accounts that went to collections, and 2-3 with late payments. Everything is currently paid off/up to date, with no problems since 2003. To go along with this, my license was suspended in 2001 in Virginia for no insurance. Fine was paid, and had it reinstated

    Lack of previous jobs/experience (I've been with my current company for two and a half years, but before that I stayed at home with my son for 2 years. Other than a few part time jobs here and there that's been it for me. My husband was in the Navy so we moved around a lot.

    No past drug use whatsoever. I don't drink, or smoke... my only ticket has been a $60 fine 8 years ago on campus for not yielding at a pedestrian crossing, plus quite a few (5 or 6) parking tickets around the same time. Thanks again for taking the time to read this, and any advice on what I can do to up my chances would be great!
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    General questions= General answers. Let's start with the credit issues. No one looks all that good when a debt goes to collections. How an applicant handles bills, credit, etc, is viewed as a measure of overall responsibility by many agencies. What is really important is how you're handling your bills at present. The traffic citations don't look all that bad, and unless I missed something, I really don't see any issue(s) there. A lot of people bomb-out in college. Most agencies require a High School diploma or GED. Some require a certain amount of college semester hours or credits, and some will pay a little more if you have a degree. You need to do some research on your own. Many agencies now have websites, and can give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you should apply. One note of caution. When you fill out your Background Package or SPH, be certain to list all the traffic citations including the parking violations. Mention the credit/bills problems. Any failure to disclose these incidents is almost a sure fire DQ.


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