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Quitting a job without having another one lined up


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  • Quitting a job without having another one lined up

    Is it frowned upon, even if you have a decent amount of savings while you look for something better?

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    I assume you mean from a hiring process background perspective.

    Gaps in employment usually require explanation and can be considered a "red flag." Nobody wants to hire someone with a documented history of quitting suddenly. Someone quitting suddenly without employment lined up can also be an indication of an employee with disciplinary issues trying to get out ahead of a termination.
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      Not necessarily frowned on but they may want an explanation if it's a large gap.


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        It depends on context, does it not?

        People quit jobs for all sorts of reasons... bad boss, lack of mental challenge, boredom, stress, work culture incompatibilities, or just because. Maybe it's not ideal to have employment gaps without solid explanations, but if someone leaves a job for personal reasons and there's no performance or conduct issues hovering over them, then isn't it more or less a situation where they simply wanted to move onward and upward? Especially early career?

        And if money is there to support the gaps, there's even less motivation to stay continuously employed. Years ago, I knew a young lady who worked seasonally as a danger ranger for NPS. She came from what's commonly referred to as "old money", i.e.- generational wealth (from what I recall, her family history dated back to the early railroad era and were involved in the settlement of what is now a large western city. Basically she was born into crazy money; maybe not Bill Gates wealth but still very rich). Anyways, she was the only GS-5 park ranger in the country who drove a new Saab, and her resume probably had bigger gaps than Michael Strahan's teeth. Why? Because if she didn't feel like working for a year, she'd go chill out in New Zealand instead. All the other seasonals were eating rice and beans, eking out simple existences, dreaming of the day when they would be fulltime GS-9 rangers but for her, NPS jobs were noble and fun, something to do between living in Prague or skiing Lake Tahoe.

        Her situation may be very atypical but the larger point is life is too short to be miserable in a job and while gaps may be a red flag, they may also be a sign of someone trying to find the right fit...
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          I did it, went back to college and finished my degree. Had some part-time jobs here and there but there would be a few months at a time when I wasn't working.

          It wasn't an issue in my hiring. I think as long as you're doing something productive and not watching TV all day you should be fine. But if you start collecting unemployment or not paying your bills, you'll have some explaining to do.


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            As noted above, it depends on context.


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