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Applying for Missouri State Police


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  • Applying for Missouri State Police

    I'm new to this online forum thing and thought it would be a good idea to get a cop's opinion on what my chances are for getting hired for the Missouri State Highway Patrol. I'm 21 years old and will graduate in 2 weeks with my BS in Criminal Justice with a 3.5 GPA. I also am working towards my MBA. I go up to Missouri to take the written and physical examinations on April 23.

    As far as the exams go, I will have no problem with the written or physical. The only thing I am concerned about is the fact that there are over 1500 applicants and they are choosing about 60. So basically my qualifications are what I am worried about.

    My history: I have no felony or misdemeanor charges. I have used marijuana a total of five times, all of which were over 3 years ago. I was on disciplinary probation at school during my sophmore year for a minor breaking of school rules... nothing major in my opinion. I have one traffic ticket on my record that happened 3 years ago. I have never sold nor furnished drugs nor have I been fired from any job.

    I am a few honor societies and criminal justice clubs, etc... you know, anything that looks good on a resume. Another thing is that my fiancee's father is a lieutenant who is second in command of the research and development division of the MSHP. He thinks highly of me and therefore already have an advantage. I also think my BS degree and working towards a master's will help out too.

    basically what I am asking is will the fact that I have a few minor 'skeletons' disqualify me, even if they were a few years back? Apparently the MSHP is notorious for their extensive background checks, and for not accepting applicants their first time applying. I don't have much to be afraid of, though, so should I be worried?

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    Right now, the MSHP is very short handed. They have had lots of retirements and troopers transferring to other state agencies.

    All you can do is apply and do you best. Granted, you would have a better chance if you had prior law enforcement or military experience, but that doesnt mean you wont make it.

    BTW, your topic says "Missouri State Police." We dont have a state police here in Missouri. MSHP isnt the same thing, as much as they think it is.

    Best of luck to you!



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      MSHP (Missouri State Highway Patrol) is a great agency. They are finally getting pay up and they are working on getting new technology to the troops in the field.

      They still do lack in the pay most of they Troops that are leaving are going to KCPD, St. Louis County, or Suburb PDs on the Kansas City.....and a few federal agencies.

      As for your's very, very intense. They will assign a Trooper to do it....and they will go all the way back to when you were born (that's no joke either). They will talk to classmates, teachers, neighbors, friends, you need to be very honest with them on how much weed you smoked.....and if you did stupid stuff in they will find out.

      If you don't get hired, try getting on with a local PD for a while then go from there. A lot of folks don't get hired on the first time around.....and will apply 2-3 times before getting hired.......


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        Hello MLBfan,
        I live in West Virginia and am also applying for the State Police here. I read somebody's answer to you that you could try getting into a local PD force if you don't make it to the MSHP. I personnally think that you don't have to try a local PD force, unless you're in a hurry to be on the streets. I test next month for the WVSP. It will be my third try. It's hard to get into State Police agencies. But I believe you have strong experiences that will help you, including your college degree. So, if for any reason you don't make it on the first try, try to acquire more experience while waiting for the next hire date, by doing ride-alongs with agencies, maybe learning a second language (Spanish, I assume). But again, if you want to be a police officer NOW, then sure you can try a city or county force.


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          Just be honest; nothing you posted is an automatic disqualification. Hold off on applying to local agencies. Nothing against them (I was a city officer before I got on MSHP) but MSHP is a much better job. You have almost absolute freedom, as long as you are doing SOMETHING. Also, consider KC and STL contribute 10% off the top toward their pension. MSHP pay is about 7%-9% ahead of them after pension, and our staff will actually back you if you are right! Just don't get a big head in the academy if you get hired, you are no better than city or county officers, your job is just a little bit different.


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            Originally posted by MO Trooper
            Just don't get a big head in the academy if you get hired, you are no better than city or county officers, your job is just a little bit different.
            Thats very important advice. My only complaint with MSHP over the years has been the tendency of some troopers to treat locals as "inferior" officers.

            I had an off-duty trooper show up to an accident scene I was working (non-injury). He was a friend of one of the drivers involved and got upset when I ticketed his friend and not the other driver. Then he started critiquing my investigation process.

            Then there was the bank shoot-out when a MSHP captain (or maybe a major) tried to tell the county sheriff that the MSHP jurisdiction over-ruled his at a crime scene.

            It makes me wonder just exactly what they teach them at the academy.



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              Missouri Highway Patrol

              I'm retired from the Alabama Dept of Public Safety, and can tell you the Missouri Highway Patrol enjoys an excellent nationwide reputation. A couple of things in the way of advice. I appreciate your confidence concerning the written exam, but I caution you against over confidence. As a practical matter, you need to score in the mid to high nineties in order to be called for the next phases of the process. For now, I'd soft peddle my relationship with a serving MHP Officer. Some folks could take that the wrong way. Don't be a name dropper in other words. As far as inter-agency &&^% contests, try not to become involved in them. I'm very conscious of the Trooper status, and darned proud of it. County and city agencies do some great work, and we're all at our best when we work together. Best of luck to you.


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                Not to hijack the thread....but what does a trooper's pay top out at in Missouri? Do they pay into Social Security? Take home cars? What type of shifts do they work? Do they use tasers or MDT's?


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                  Originally posted by stryker11
                  but what does a trooper's pay top out at in Missouri?
                  Not sure what top out is.....base is $33,744 annually. I know that my buddy that has been on for about 23 years is a SGT and makes $66,012.00 a year (it's listed online at another Missouri State site).....

                  Originally posted by stryker11
                  Do they pay into Social Security?
                  I believe they do....

                  Originally posted by stryker11
                  Take home cars?
                  Yeap.....and they get new ones every 50K or 55K.....can't remember if they raised it to 55K....

                  Originally posted by stryker11
                  What type of shifts do they work?
                  8 hour shifts.....and alternate btwn days/ least the ones did where I worked. They are subject to call out at night....

                  Originally posted by stryker11
                  Do they use tasers
         least not the last time I was in the state (about 3 months ago)....

                  Originally posted by stryker11

                  Get with MO he works for them......and can help out with more specifics....

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