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    Originally posted by L-1 View Post

    Now I'm confused. When this happens, do you send everyone remaining on the list a letter, throw the list out and hold a new test to fill the next vacancies? Seems costly with regard to postage and testing.

    When we fill our vacancies we take the number needed from the list in score order. Those that are "not selected" as you define it, remain on the list and continue to be considered for future vacancies until the list expires, which is an honorable outcome. They hear nothing more until their score is reached and they are processed. When the list dies, it is a quiet death and no one has any inkling of its passing until the exam announcement comes out offering a new test.

    We always tell folks who are permanently DQed they can reapply, because there is no legal authority in my state to bar someone from taking a civil service exam. Of course, they will be DQed all over again because of their disqualifying personal history, but they will have been allowed to participate in the exam process, as is their right.
    California isn't Iowa

    YOU are talking THOUSANDS of people

    We talk of 10 to 20 people

    Our lists are supposed to last 2 yrs but in reality we re-test for each opening unless they are REAL close together

    We had 10 people who "passed" the last Civil Service test.....................9 were non selected, one was hired. We MIGHT have an opening next year..........or not
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      I would apply to other departments.

      I got one of those letters once and about a year later, they called me and asked if I was still interested. I took the job but looking back it wasn't a good fit.


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        Thank you all. I was actually considering writing a letter and I may still yet. I really was afraid of being “that guy” if I did. For now I’m just processing and gathering input.

        Its not a civil service department but it is a large department. I wasn’t equating military to the police. I was simply stating that a year wait to me is a bigger deal now that I’m older. I’ll keep pushing.


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