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Airborne to Corrections to LEO


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  • Airborne to Corrections to LEO

    I've posted many questions on this forum and I finally feel like I'm getting everything together and getting on my way to becoming a Law Enforcement Officer.

    I do have a few questions however.

    I'm getting out of the Army in 3 weeks and I am going to be moving to Burlington, CO. I am going to apply to the Kit Carson Correctional Facility to become a Corrections Officer. My mother actually worked at the facility for about 2 months but it was too physically demanding for her.

    I have chosen about 7 departments to apply to. Most of which will not have an academy until November. I guess my question is will the few months of being a Corrections Officer help and is applying to so many departments at once an advantage or disadvantage. I see it as putting my eggs in 7 baskets, lol.

    I am also going to apply to the Colorado State Patrol.

    My dream department I guess I would say is the Aurora Police Department. I have been able to talk to a couple of recruiters there and will be mailing off my application this week.

    I just hope my road leads me to be able to begin a career in Law Enforcement.

    I only smoke Marjuana once when I was 19. No criminal convictions or anything. Getting a medical discharge (honorable) from the military but already told that I could rejoin in the future. My cardiologist and electrophysiologist told me that I shouldn't have any more trouble with my minor condition.

    The condition I was diagnosed with is called Electrocardiogenic syncope which is common in lots of people. 90% of people have atleast one episode in their lives but it is so minor it doesn't occur to people that it is a condition. Was put on medication to clear it up and I'm all good now. The military however says I would have to go 2yrs with no episodes to rejoin. (I do not plan on rejoining the military in my future.)

    Anyways any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance,


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    I worked corrections (after getting out of the Army) for about 5 months before being hired by my current agency. I don't know if it helped me get the job but I KNOW it helped me do the job. I'm sure it will be helpful in getting the job.

    Corrections is a tough gig that puts you in constant contact with criminals. In the short time I was there I got a real insight into how criminals think and behave and how to interact with them. I had several "friendly" conversations with inmates that revealed a lot. Also had many conflicts with inmates that taught me how to deal with criminals. It's hard to explain but if you get the corrections job you'll see what I mean.
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      Thank you Chief,

      I really appreciate your insight and your input. I hope to get the job in corrections just for that reason. I didn't think about how it would help me handle criminals and help me DO the job. I guess I'm still a little nieve about some things and I tend to focus more on what will get me the job.

      I want to be what an agency looks at and says "hey we want this guy" but I will always want who is best for the job get the job because that is what I believe community policing is about. Putting the right man in the job that can do the job and help the community. I hope I am that guy and I will get the chance to become that kind of officer. Thank you again and if I do get the corrections job I will definately try to learn as much as I can from the experience.



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        Nothing wrong with spending a little time in Corrections. It'll give you some pretty valuable insights into the criminal element, and you might meet some of your "clients" later, out on the street. No problem with applying to several departments. The medical condition you mentioned may, or may not, be a factor with a police agency. Hope things work out for you.


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          Thank you,

          I noticed your from Montgomery, Alabama, I went to basic training with about 7 guys from the NG Unit out there. I guess they had good recruiting that month lol. I remember riding a bus from Columbus, GA back to Guthrie, TX for Christmas leave in 2004. I new it was going to be a long ride when we didn't get to Mongomery until about 13 hours into the trip, lol.

          Anyways thanx again. I hope everything works in my favor but I'm pretty stuborn so if it doesn't at first I'm pretty sure I'll keep trying.

          Moving to Burlington in 3 weeks and I'll be applying at the Kit Carson Correctional Facility. Hopefully going on a few ridealongs at that time as well. I'm going to be pretty busy in May, June and July it looks like. Long application processes for about 7 or 8 PD's and SD's, ridealongs, and my wife and I are expecting our first child (boy).

          Stay safe everyone,


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            Good Luck, Fergie


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