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Hiring/BI question – FELONY of a SO - DQ?


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  • Hiring/BI question – FELONY of a SO - DQ?

    Hiring/BI question – FELONY of a SO

    I am new here looking for some tips (what a great forum BTW, rookie tips especially).

    Can someone please comment whether being with a SO (girlfriend, boyfriend, fiancé, spouse, etc) who had a felony conviction?
    (non-violent crime, and not related to drugs/s*x, but a felony. Will it be an automatic DQ for a person who is otherwise qualified?

    And by “qualified”, I mean the candidate offers a specific skill-set the particular PD is agressively targeting.

    I had some arguments with a few friends, and all claimed they “know for sure”, however none are LEOs, so really, they can only speculate... so I'm asking you

    I know someone who thinks he will be immediately rejected because of his SO's record. Do you know anyone in this position – would you give applying a shot? In such case – is your SO’s past something that needs to be mentioned beforehand? At which point?

    Any reply is greatly appreciated!


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    As far as I'm concerned, it would definitely not be an automatic DQ. However, it is very possible that it may be looked into during the background investigation, and may be one of the factors they use in determining if someone is a good candidate for LEO.
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      If you choose to remain with a SO who has a felony conviction, you can almost be 100% certain it will become an issue in a Background Investigation.


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        You're vague as to the actual felony conviction. Did I say vague? I meant to say you more or less danced around what the actual conviction was about.

        That being said, the reason it's going to be problematic for your friend is police officers cannot hang out with criminals. It simply goes against the very nature of what the police represent. Candidates who choose to hang out with felons (as opposed to having felony family members at holiday gatherings) will continue to be DQ'd because it will never be acceptable for police officers to fraternize with criminals.

        Sometimes people have to make the tough choice: love or career. Only he can make that decision.
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          convicted felon is a convicted felon. IMO I think it would be an auto DQ if that person still stayed with the felon... i mean how would that look, a peace officer married with a felon?


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            I would say it depends. If it was some grand larceny when she was 17 and that was 10 years ago I would say It does not matter. If you are not married, then hell just tell them your single and you dont even need to put her info down.


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