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  • What would you do?

    Good evening,

    Let’s say agency A hires you, obviously you accept it. What if, agency B (your first choice/ dream dept) comes along and offers you a position not too long after. Do you leave agency A and jump on B? How bad does that look? Opinions, thoughts, advice?

    Thank you.

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    I have been waiting for Agency B to hire me since March. I was recently passed over for promotion by someone who had been in that spot before, failed at it, went out on stress leave, was given an equivalent non-supervisory position. This upset me so I decided to apply for a bunch of other agencies at the County, Local, and Federal level. If I get hired by one of those other agencies but say in six months get hired by agency B, then I am putting in my two weeks and going to agency B.

    However, my agency B is a six figure income after three years, no uniform, weekends & holidays off, only a few miles away from my current job.


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      Well, that depends on the dept. Some actually have mandatory requirements to stay or you owe the money for training/equipment... I personally think it doesn't look good, but it depends on what you get out of it... if you are leaving just because it is your "dream dept" and the benefits don't get better it is a total waste.
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        Depending on the department, jumping ship so soon could hurt you down the road.

        If it doesn't work out at the "dream department" you'll probably have to move FAR away before you find some other department willing to give you a chance. Law enforcement is relatively small fraternity. Word will get around real quick on how you done that first department, only to get fired at the "dream department" for example.

        What ever you decide, good luck.
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          I was almost in this situation myself. As it turned out for me, my top choice agency hired me just a couple of weeks before the 'Plan B' agency offered me a position.

          I agree that LE is a small community, and it'd be a tough call -- more so if the 2 departments are located near each other. Does it look bad and will some people get butt-hurt? Yeah, probably. I guess you have to decide for yourself if the dream job is worth that.

          But if you do make the jump, you darn sure want to make every effort for that to work out, If it doesn't, it could be hard getting hired by another agency.

          Good luck.


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            Agency B is definitely like hitting a home run ( better pay, benefits, etc). Tough decision if or when I get to that point.
            Appreciate all the feedback. Thanks.


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              Based on your comments, it sounds like Agency B is the agency you have your sights set on. If that's the case, I would go. Will your current agency be upset? Maybe. Maybe not. People who have been around a while understand law enforcement is a business. The department will always do what they feel is best for the department. Therefore, you have to do what is best for you and your family. Only you can make that decision. If you're a good worker people will be sad to see you go, but will understand. Especially if it's known Agency B is a great place to work. Can't be too mad at a young guy wanting to go to a bigger agency with more opportunity and/or better benefits. Now, I will echo the sentiments of others...If you leave so early in the game, you have to make it work at Agency B. At a minimum you'll have to give them a couple years. Otherwise employers will question your commitment and you may get labeled. Best of luck to you and stay safe.


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                Hate to say it in the end no matter where you go you will always just be a number. The department is always someone else dream department and will be wanting your job. You need to think of what's best for YOU & FAMILY ( or future family) which will provide the best life style for you, which will provide the better training and career advancement.
                I'd rather be judged by 12 rather carried by 6.

                It should be noted that any and all post that are made are based on my own thought and opinions. And are not related or implied to represent the department I work for.


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                  I was offered a full time position for Police Officer and Deputy Sheriff in the same period of time..
                  I ended up taking Deputy with the agency I am with now, but it was a extremely hard desicion to make.
                  I'd see if you could re-apply to the dream agency, and stay with the agency you are with now for a little more time (as long if it's not absolutely miserable) and later on jumpship if you are able to successfully reapply with the dream job, that way you give this job a little more time, and can leave on even better terms.


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