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Outside opinions on my chances of getting hired?


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  • Outside opinions on my chances of getting hired?

    First... GOOD LUCK !! .. to anyone who is in the testing phase.

    I took the written test for the Milwaukee Police Dept. last month and feel that I did pretty good on it.. (no results till May).

    I am wondering what everyone is doing to prepare for the next step in the process if they are lucky enough to go on?

    Also curious if anyone else is in my situation, or similar:

    - 32 years old.
    - NO college credits yet. (Can get them within 5 years of hire in Milwaukee)
    - Have HS Diploma, and 15 years at the same job. I have been in management for 14 of the 15 years. (F/T 55-60 hours/week)
    - Couple of seat belt violations about five years ago. (Same spot, Same officer, almost exactly a year apart... the odd thing is, even then I wore my belt 90% of the time, since the second one I have been 100%)
    - Can pass the PAT test right now, but have been training since the written test to improve.

    I intended to go to Waukesha County Tech College for Criminal Justince after High School, and ended up being promoted at my job quickly... Long story short, I have been here ever since.

    I am hoping my age / employment history might help me out. Anyone have some input on the subject? Especially in reguards to MPD's process. They will be hiring approx 150-175 new officers, but over 1000 took the written test.

    Thanks for listening... and again - GOOD LUCK to all.
    Milwaukee PD

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    I don't see anything that would hold you back. No criminal record or drug use that you've mentioned. So you seem to be good as long as you test well.


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      15 years at the same job shows good loyalty and shows that you didn't do anything in 15 years to lose your job. The seatbelt tickets are no big deal. If they say anything about it, just explain to them that you usually wear your seatbelt, you just happened to not be wearing it those times.

      I would say that there isn't much that you've mentioned that would keep you from being hired. Some departments tend to hire people more in the mid-20s range, just because there is a greater possibility of them working for more years (i.e. a 24 year old can work for 30 years and they would be 54, whereas a 34 year old only works 20 years before they are 54). Not all depts factor that in, but some do.
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        Thanks for the input.

        You hit one of the reasons that I am applying now right on the head. I want to be able to provide the department with at least 20 good years.

        My employment durability is good, I have been with this job through some pretty serious ups and downs and never bailed out.

        I am very confident that if I score high enough on the written test that I will not fail any other part of the process.

        My choice to take on this career was well thought out, and I don't plan on missing this opportunity because I was not prepared or because of something I "should have done" to get ready. I hope to finish my "working days" with the department.

        I am confident that I can be a very productive and useful addition to the MPD.

        Thanks again for the input.. and don't forget, I would like to hear any advice you guys (and ladies) can provide. Rookies or vets.
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        Milwaukee PD


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