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DQ for accidental drug use in Florida?


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    Having read your explanation....here is what comes to mind.

    Say I’m your BI and we get to the point where you’re going to answer my question about drug use. Say we are both standing up in a room when you start explaining.

    Now I am all about little details and little pieces of a puzzle fitting together to build a complete picture. I am VERY patient that way.

    I could picture that while you’re explaining the twists and turns and how fors, I will take a seat becuase I got tired of standing, I could see wondering why your explanation is so convoluted and repetitive. And I could see wondering what other areas along with poor decision making may be a concern for the employing agency.

    Background investigators have a TON of say in the hiring process, as it should be. Cops in general are incredible seekers of truth, and BIs learn to go beyond that ability.

    As YOU present it, the MANNER in which you’re explaining yourself tends to make even the most patient and free believing copper feel like the potential risk level you would bring might not be worth giving you a try, becuase the stakes involved in this profession are just too high.

    I feel you’re best bet is “time and distance.” You may choose to reinvent yourself and maybe then you’ll begin to see what these veteran officers have been trying to tell you. It just plain sounds fishy, and there are lots of other applicants who don’t bring the same dialogue to the table.

    Maybe unplug and work on you. Be able to say a year or so later- Here is what I’ve done to work on myself and be a better candidate.....or.....continue with what appears to be risk taking impulsive behavior with justification along the way.

    The good news is you get to decide!



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