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The "Brady list"


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  • The "Brady list"

    What exactly is this and how does it work? Is it something you are on before you're even hired? Or can you only get put on this list while you're employed with a dept?

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    If you’re on it, you’re screwed.
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      That seems to be the general consensus that I'm getting haha. But I'm more just trying to understand what it is and how it works. Is it publically accessible? Is it a national list? How does one get on it?


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      You can’t be on the Brady list before you are hired. You won’t be hired. Being on this list means you are known to have perjured yourself under sworn testimony.

      Brady vs Maryland requires the prosecutor to disclose potentially exculpatory information, like if an officer is found to lied on the stand or in a report.

      Each prosecuting office (DA, States Attorney) maintain their own list. There is no national database. It is not publicly available. Each DA develops their own rules, or each State develops their own rules, depending on where you live.
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        RGDS and SunDevil, thank you for taking time to fill me in there. I had read about it and was getting some conflicting info on what exactly this list was and how you ended up on it. Good info.


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          It's very rare. I personally know of only of a couple situations where LEO had Brady issues.

          People sometimes think getting jammed up administratively (i.e.- false time sheet) is Brady. Not the case. It's knowing provide false testimony in court or false information in an affidavit.

          Ironically, it's not an automatic career ender. However, lack of candor is. So you could be put on a Brady list but as long as you were truthful about the situation during an internal inquiry, you could still remain employed (Evidence Room or Fleet Manager or some other pigeonhole). Of course there are situations so egregious that people lose their job, but often times people just get shelved to a position that never involves having to testify again.

          So it's not a good thing but may not be a career killer, unlike a few other things. I say this because I know many more people who've been fired or retired abruptly for booze (or other substances), theft, corruption, or domestic situations which went sideways.

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          • SunDevil
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            I work with a Brady that doesn’t deserve to be on it, only reason he got on it was because he is too honest if that makes any sense, and others that should be on it aren’t

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          I knew two cops who were Brady. They were stuck in permanent admin jobs. Like, 27 years to go for retirement jobs, with ZERO chance for anything else. Ever. Waste of two cop slots off the street.
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