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How soon is too soon?


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  • bdunndchi
    For your second part: It's most likely not going to show up. At our department, only citations are tracked, not warnings (especially verbal warnings).

    For your first part: You should start applying as soon as you can. There is no reason to wait for any certain amount of time. There's no reason that someone wouldn't hire you just because you are fresh out of college. Some departments may be reluctant to hire young people, but that doesn't have much to do with whether or not they have had held a job. The thing that concerns depts about hiring young people is the possible immaturity. Some people are afraid to give a 21-year old a gun and arrest powers.

    I would definitely say to start applying as soon as you are ready.

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  • kyle7
    started a topic How soon is too soon?

    How soon is too soon?

    Well, yeah. I'm back again with another round of questions.

    I, as some of you know, am a 19 year old College Freshman (majoring in Political Science). I really want to become a LEO after I graduate, which could be in either 3-4 years....hopefully 3 but I doubt it. How soon after I graduate should I apply to be a LEO? Do they accept people right after they've graduated or do they want you to hold a steady job after you graduate for a while?

    EDIT: This has little to do with my main question, but I was pulled over by an officer back over Christmas break because I had just left the highschool parking lot, after dropping off a friend at his car, and aparently there had been some vandilization previously. We looked suspicious so they followed me for about five miles then pulled me over and asked me what I was doing there. I told them, and they beleived me. Then I had some trouble finding proof of insurance, which was in the car but I couldn't find it, and the officer just said "I'll just give you a verbal warning, but you might want to find it because you could get a ticket for that". IS any of this going to appear in a future BI? and if so, it wouldn't hurt me would it?
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