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DUI questions.


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  • DUI questions.

    Hey everybody, looking to see if anybody knows or have heard of any PDs that have more lax regs towards prior DUI's than others. I only ask because because the normal standard seems to be anywhere from 5-10 years of the conviction date. I'm early 30's, prior service 11B and I've only gotten in trouble once and as you can tell, its a DUI from almost 4 years ago. Credit score is good so I'm not worried about that. Any info is much appreciated.

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    I've heard of some. Usually it's the departments that are desperate for bodies.

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      Just be advised that even those agencies that have a "5 - 10 yr rule" on DUI's normally won't hire a prospective cop that has a prior DUI.............It just means that it isn't a Automatic Disqualifying matter after that time.

      Yea, there are exceptions, and like westside popo stated ,......those agencies that have a hard time keeping staffed but in practice most agencies have enough applicants who don't carry a DUI history.

      Good luck
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          Chances are slim. Good luck!
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            You won't know if you don't apply. Was it a DUI arrest or DUI + accident? Be willing to move. As was mentioned above, the agencies that would hire you this soon after a DUI are desperate for bodies. You can work at one of these, let time between the offense and reapply to another dept. I wouldn't give up.
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              It depends on the department. I know of a candidate who was hired over me and he had a prior DUI arrest a few years ago vs my clean driving record and background. So it really depends on what the agency is looking for. :/


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