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  • Question about my record

    I did search prior to posting but everyone is unique in their situations

    I am a 36yr old female, I live in NC and I am interested in becoming an LEO, there are a few things on my record that I'm wondering about and they are as follows

    2000 I allowed my unlicensed friend to drive my car- yes that was stupid, I did hire an attorney for that, I did not have a conviction listed for that.
    2001 I had 2 speeding tickets-plea was responsible to lesser
    2001 I had a failure to appear for one of those tickets- An Officer showed up at my parents house with a warrant, I met the officer at my local station as I was living elsewhere at the time, I was photographed/finger printed but went home that night-this does not show up on my driving record or court records. I had a medical procedure and honestly forgot about the court date- not excusing myself but thats what happened.
    2001 my license was suspended because I was unable to pay all of the court costs and ticket- It was renewed once I paid in full

    I have nothing else on my record, no speeding tickets, no other suspensions and I havent had any more warrants. I just want to know from experienced LEO's if this hurts my chances at all.

    Thank you in advance for your time!

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    At face value, yes it hurts your chances. You really haven't said anything that sets you apart from any other applicant, i.e. degree, language skills, prior military, etc.

    Your record shows a pattern on conduct, granted 17 years ago. The issue you will face is that you will be up against people without any of that baggage so, even though it's old. The warrant, even though you state you just forgot, shows a lack of accountability and organization based on that circumstance. Some places take police missing court extremely seriously.


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      Thank you for your response, I guess there’s no harm in trying though


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        Can I ask you one more question? I have a few years before I apply, I plan on furthering my education I’m assuming that would help?


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          You have a couple issues to address, the oral board and the background.

          The oral is going to look at this:
          • Experience – assesses your ability and experience in accepting responsibilities and performing assigned tasks as demonstrated through achievements in work, school, and other activities.
          • Problem Solving – assesses your reasoning skills in developing timely, logical responses to a wide variety of situations and problems.
          • Communication Skills – assesses your oral communications skills, which includes speaking, listening, and non-verbal communication.
          • Interest/Motivation – addresses your interest in and preparedness for the peace officer job. It includes an assessment of your general level of interest, initiative, and goal orientation.
          • Interpersonal Skills – assesses many facets, such as social knowledge/appropriateness, social insight, empathy, social influence, social self-regulation, sociability, team orientation, social self-confidence, conflict management skills, and negotiating skills.
          • Community Involvement/Awareness – focuses specifically on your experiences and interest in community issues, as well as your interest in and ability to fill multiple roles and serve a diverse community.
          The background is going to determine whether there is anything in your personal history that meets their criteria for disqualification.

          They key here is, what have you done with your life in the past 17 years? Have you maintained a steady job (not job hopped, been fired, suspended, disciplined)? Have you maintained a good credit score? What kind of contacts have you had with law enforcement in the past 17 years (victim, witness, suspect)? What has your drug/alcohol usage been? What will your neighbors say about you (naked trampoline jumping in the back yard at 2 AM)? Is there anything in your personal history that would bring your honesty or integrity into question, or that would reflect unfavorably upon the police department? Granted, we are all not perfect and all have blemishes in our past, but you know what you've been up to (or missed out on). You'll figure it out.

          Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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            Thank you for the response! For 13 years I held one job and was given a management position. No other brushes with the law (victim, witness or suspect) I left my job to stay at home with my kids for awhile. Your response is very encouraging to me, I will continue to work on my education.

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