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Will my past affect my chances?


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  • Will my past affect my chances?

    From the ages of 16 to 19 years I had smoked marijuana, drank alcohol in excess, and even tried a couple of other drugs. I moved around alot and had many different jobs. I was an irresponsible kid and now have a poor work history and credit score because of it. I also have a DUI from when I was 18 and a MIP from when I was 17. I changed my life when I was 20 years old and enrolled in a masters commission program. Masters commission is a christian program where you spend 10 months learning about character and integrity. I would also travel around MO. to diff youth groups and tell about my life changing experience. I am now almost 24 years old and it has been alsost 5 years since I have drank in excess or used any kind of illegal drugs. My work history is getting better but my credit is still poor. I will be applying for the Springfield MO. PD within the next six months. What kind of problems do you think I might have? Will these things from my past matter since it has been almost 5years? Thank you for your insight and suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.

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    Please use the search function in the future for more detailed information. Several threads with similar content have gone up.

    In answer to your question however, you may not meet the requirements to apply if you were convicted of the DUI. You may need to apply to have (what is equiv here) to a pardon from the courts.

    Credit will be a factor they are going to look at depending on how bad it is. Work history due to relocation is not necessarily a bad thing depending on why you kept moving around. If it was to get away from the debt, yes it will be an issue. If it was to take on better jobs, no.

    Drug use in itself is not uncommon for applicants. The "few others" depending on severity may prove to be a problem.

    You may start the process but you have a lot of negative weight behind you which you need to overcome. It's not impossible but you've already started proving you've left that behind. Now you need more than ever to prove you've put all that behind you by moving ahead. Continue working hard to improve work history, volunteer and clean up the debt.

    Good luck in the process.


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      Good Advice

      Thank you for the good advice. The Springfield MO. PD requires a DUI or any illegal drug use to be at least three years in your past. Since it has been about 5 years hopefully that will not affect me as much. You mentioned volunteer work, does that look pretty good on your record? The Springfield MO. PD is really in need of police officers. I heard that they have 350 cops in a city of 300,000 and 20 officers a year are leaving on average every year. Would this improve my chances if a department is in greater need?


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        Most, if not all of your questions should be answered by the Springfield PD, or any other agency you apply to. Regarding drugs, much will depend on the type of drug you used, and for how long you used it. Don't expect you to go into detail on that here. Credit history can be an issue, though not necessarily a DQ. What is important for your application is the way you're handling any indebtedness at present. Certainly the length of time you're able to put between any issues, and your application favors you. Do not fall into the trap of attempting to omit or gloss over any problems you may have had. That's an almost certain DQ. Police agency background investigations in general, are very, very thorough. It's good to hear that you seem to have turned you're life around. You'll be better for that regardless of whether or not you become an officer. Good luck!!


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          Nixa, believe you tried to PM me. Try again.


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            i'd say your chances are slim due to excessive drug use.. you said you tried "other drugs" besides marijuana... most agencies don't hire if you tried hard stuff , esp hallucinagens..


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              I wouldnt say that I had excessive drug use. I didnt use any kind of hallucinagens. I tried cocain 4times and that was the only other drug that I have ever used aside from marijuana. Also, it has been about five years since I had used.


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