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  • Possibility of Being Hired

    I have been considering a career in law enforcement more and more over the last year or so. I am interested in it for the right reasons I believe, being that I want to serve and help others and believe that it would be an interesting and rewarding career. I consider myself objective and morally sound.

    My plan is to start with the Citizens’ Police Academy offered by my local police department to learn more about law enforcement and to be able to volunteer as a community service officer. This will give me preference points towards that department if I volunteer for three years. At that point I would apply and start the hiring process.

    While not required by this particular department or any others in my state that I’ve found, I do not have any college completed or a military background. Is there more of an informal requirement among police departments for one or the other?

    I am 23 years old with excellent work history and about 5 years of management experience. I am currently used to working shift work, nights, holidays, and overtime. I work in the service industry and have been focused on increasing my people skills as I understand this is crucial in law enforcement.

    As far as my background goes, I had my fair share of teenage rebellion. Starting at about 14 I smoked some weed and drank a little, resulting in one Minor in Possession when I was 15. At about 17 I straightened up and started working, and have stayed out of trouble since.

    These things considered, do I currently have a good shot at landing a career in law enforcement following the plan I explained above?

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    It depends how you test, how you interview, etc., etc. You didn't list anything that is going to keep you out of police work.


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      Why not start applying now?


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        The Community Service Officer deal offers more preference points than a bachelor’s degree if you do it for three years. Also, my current career offers RSUs that also need to vest for three years so I would like to that concurrently so that I don’t loose that benefit. I believe that the CSO experience will also give me a better idea of what law enforcement is like and better prepare me for the oral board.

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      Looks like you really thought this through!

      If that's all that's in your back ground then you should be ok. The management experience should make you stand out a little IMO.



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