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    Im new to this site and new to getting started to a new carrer in law enforcement. Im thinking about changing from an home oil service tech to a police officer. My questions that i have are: what can i do to get fit for the agilty test so i can be well rounded and pass. Then after i do that whats next. Also do i fill out an application for the department/ town i would like to join or do i have to take the agilty test first? I also wanted to know about the written and polly test. basicly what genaral questions do they ask? Any knowledge will be helpful and thank you in advance

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    Start running, then run some more... And after that do more running! Throw in some pushups, A LOT of pushups, situps, and more running to be prepared for the agility test. I know you are thinking "I'll just find out what the test is and run the course on my own and I'll be fine" DO NOT DO THIS. Training to the bare minimum is a sure fire way to set up your failure. Train to exceed the goals, both set by the department and your own.

    Next, pick an agency and apply.

    No one will give you poly questions or test questions for that matter, just be ready for anything.

    Good luck.


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      Well I know im not going to train the bare minimum, my goal was to find out what to train for and over do it so im ready. I belive here in CT i have to run the 1.5 mile run in 11:16 so i want to be able to run it in less time or at least be able to make that time. I also found something that said i have to be able to lift my own body weight but i dont know how manytimes i would have to do that. I was told by someone once so i was going to be ready to do at least ten or so, so i would be ready. I think the agency i was going to try for is my home town so i have that picked out. And why would they put that a polly test is part of it if ill never have to go through one? Thanks for all the info


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        You will go through one, but no one(that is a real officer) will tell you whats on the tests before you are taking it.


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          ok i get it. i asume the only reason they put you through one is to see if you tell the truth right?


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            Agencies and regions of the country differ greatly. I would suggest you call the local agency's watch commander and explain to him you are interested in applying for their agency and that you'd like to go on a ridealong.

            Ask your ridealong about the hiring process and particulars for THAT agency.

            Hope this helps,

            "It's a game of cat and mouse. It's a game of hide and seek. Albeit games with deadly consequences. Like most games-the better you know the rules, the more likely you are to win."


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              ill look into that thank you for all your help


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