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    I had a very bad first year in college and have been working to dig myself out of that hole. The GPA has been rising steadily, but I doubt however, I will make it to a cumulitive 3.0 before graduating next year.

    I have a lot more to offer than grades, but wonder how I would look compared to candidates who either didn't go to college at all (for departments that don't require it) or attended community college to get their 60 hours in CJ, for example.

    How closely do departments look at college grades and do they take in to account the differences between schools?
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    In general a degree can be of considerable help to you. Obtaining the degree is what's important, One caution though. If your college has the reputation of being a "diploma mill", that could be a problem. Not saying that's the case, it's just a thought. Basically, a degree in almost any Liberal Arts discipline is a plus for you.


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      Some depts really look at grades, but most just make sure if you did go to college you graduated. I had a 2.3 in high school, but graduated with a 3.45 in college, my dept did not even mention it.


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        Having worked at a University I can say that they at least come into the police/security/whatever in between department and check if you so much as had a FI card on file. When I worked there, we used to get FBI agents come in asking about studnets from the 70's who had applied for something requiring secret or above.

        Scuttlbutt was that they checked the grades too but it wasn't a high priority.
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          follow up question: where can you go to find certified colleges, one's that degrees are accepted from?


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            You're a lot better off than I was - I started good, then three years in flunked almost everything one semester. Changed majors, got good grades, graduated. You have the luxury of saying, "It was a culture shock going from HS to college, but I got the hang of it and look how I pulled it out through perseverance."
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              Sir Reginald, I think the word you're looking for regarding colleges is accreditation, and Yah, it's THAT important. Lack of proper accreditation could place the value of any degree you recieve into question. You certainly don't want to spend all the time and money required for a decent education to end up with a degree not fully honored by other institutions/states.


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