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    I am currently in the hiring process with a state police agency. I was wondering if some the members here would list a generic day the academy? Such as AM PT to what to what etc.. How many times a week did you PT? What did PT consist of besides running? How far were your daily or semi daily runs?

    Words of advice? I've heard, 1. Don't volunteer for anything, 2. Don't be first in anything, 3. Don't stand out
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    it'll vary..
    but usually PT in the morning for an hour ...
    uniform inspections
    break/push ups

    of course classes vary. sometimes it's defensive tactics after lunch (which sucks tryin to keep your food down) . or sometimes shooting range or scenarios or driving...

    PT 3 times a week. mon, wed,fri.
    started at 1.5 miles in 2 groups (slow group and fast group)
    gradually went up to 6 miles.
    pushups,situps,pullups, obstacle courses, sprinting, burpees , and more

    it's up to you if you want to volunteer.. i didn't have a choice.. if my defensive tactics instructor called my name to do a demo on me, then i ain't going to say no. i just had to suck up the intense *** kicking pain.

    what's wrong with being first? it shows you are competitive and take the academy seriously.. there were some lazy butts in my class that finished last or didn't try at all.. the instructors like to see you try at least and put some effort.

    and i agree don't stand out... as in don't be the F*** up.. i swear there's like one in each class.. you will have the personal attention of your training officers...

    advice? be prepared for mental games.. your classmates out.. and don't give up and don't walk in PT ( even if you're tired)...


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      I have not been to any formal academys and was just curious. I asked for opinions and advice because it will be my first time. I had spoke with a few marines and that is what they told me, dont stand out and dont volunteer. Though that is the advice I recieved, that does not mean that is how I will proceed once I am in the academy as I have a natural tendency to want to be the best. I was just wondering if I should fight that urge or go with it. I obviously would not go on the assumption that people who excel are penalized, however I was more interested in hearing the different aspects people have on the academy.

      I definately wont be the f**k up in the class and I have training in martial arts. The only part im worried about is distance running.

      What pace do they run at?
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        well in my academy, there was a fast group and slow group in running. you run in formation... the slow group were usually the people that weren't in shape... they got more yelled at...but you don't run that fast.. it only sucks when you are selected for road guard ( the person that wears the vest and stops traffic, then you have to sprint to catch up to your group)


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          wow.."ROAD GUARD"...brings back memories for the USMC. Yeah, the sprinting back to the platoon was the tough part of the task!!!


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