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Pre-Academy study recomendations


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  • Pre-Academy study recomendations

    I know this will be specific in may ways to the state and academy I will be attending but I hope I can get some generic pointers....

    I just got accepted to a police academy starting April 30th. This is in Texas and I have already started studying the Texas Penal Code and "The Heritage Guide to the Constitution" that was recommended by someone. I have been studying the organizational structure of my police department also. I have been pushing myself to the physical breaking point to ensure I have the endurance to keep up with the younger troops and have lost over 40 pounds getting ready for the academy. It has been a 7 month process and I thought I was going to have ulcers before I got accepted.

    Can you sworn LEOs offer any generic advice for preparation for the academy? Thanks for any help.

    I did search this site but I may not have searched using good enough criteria. If there has already been a discussion (which I expect there has) please point me to it.
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    Knowing the structure of the department you'll be working for (Names of the Chief, Lt.s, some Sergeants would be good. Also study up on the history of your department....when was it first founded? Who was the first Chief etc. Beyond that, work out and take some gingko biloba for memory improvement. It actually might be a set back to study the Penal Code, firearms, etc etc because the Academy will teach you what you need to know and how they want you to learn it/apply it.

    So basically just three things... 1)structure/history of department 2) keep working out and pushing yourself 3) learn to listen and remember information

    Good luck to you!
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      Thanks for the input.


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        Originally posted by Shaidon
        take some gingko biloba for memory improvement.
        It's funny you mentioned that because I was considering it. I am older than most of my class will be so I was looking for something to help my old brain keep up with the younger troops.

        Also thanks for the warning about getting too wrapped up in the penal code. I am mainly going to just try to be familiar with the structure and a general idea of what all is covered. I have never studied civilian law and military law is pretty different.


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          Bah it has nothing to do with age I am 26 and I take it along with a multivitamin twice a day. Can't hurt to take preventative measures hehe.
          I disaprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. -Voltaire


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