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  • From EMT to LEO

    My BI is in progress at this time and I truly don’t anticipate any large hurdles. My question is that I have been an FF/EMT for 15+ years, and I was wondering…
    with EMS being second nature to me, how do you or do you turn off the switch, and know when it is appropriate to be either or.
    Without playing semantics, the primary job of a Police Officer is life safety.
    Any advice is welcomed.
    Thank you,

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    Tough to answer that one. It'll be a bit of an adjustment. How does it work where you are? If you were a qualified paramedic wouldn't you need to keep that certification current through an employer? The reason I ask is because if you aren't "up" on that and were to try and provide that service as a police officer, I can see liabilities arising out of it.

    The #1, you and your colleagues go home at the end of the shift. I can't lend much advise in the way of what or how to turn that switch off since I haven't been in that position.


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      I was a firefighter for 12 years. There is a BIG difference in how you have to think at a scene. As a FF/EMT, you paid attention to scene safety, but primarily focused on patient treatment. As a cop, patient treatment is VERY low on the priority list, especially at a crime scene. It isn't easy, but you have to retrain yourself to think about crime scene security, scanning all bystanders for a possible suspect, looking for evidence and weapons nearby, detaining witnesses, establishing a boundary around the scene, limiting access for evidenciary purposes, etc. etc. etc.

      Yes, police officers focus on life safety...but not on patient treatment. There is a difference and you'll have to regularly remind yourself to be a cop, not a medic.
      My posts are sometimes educated, sometimes informed, and sometimes blowing smoke...but they are mine and mine alone and do not reflect on anyone else (especially my employer).


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