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  • Rule of Ten?

    The department I recently applied to has released their eligibility list and it follows the "rule of ten". From what I can gather the rule of ten means the top ten highest scores are considered for each vacancy.

    For example:
    Position 1: Applicants 1-10 are interviewed, Applicant 1 is chosen.
    Position 2: Applicants 2-11 are interviewed, Applicant 2 is chosen.
    Position 10: Applicants 10-19 are interviewed, Applicant 10 is chosen.

    Obviously my example assumes the highest score will be chosen for each position which will certainly not be the case for every position, but otherwise am I looking at this correctly? So, if the agency is hiring for ten vacancies, does that mean they will interview roughly 19 applicants? And would that mean applicants 1-10 will essentially be in the running for all ten vacancies?

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    My agency used the Rule of 10 for promotions. It meant that the sheriff could promote anyone who was ranked in the top 10. He didn’t have to go in order.
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      It just all depends. My agency uses a scoring method, but the Chief will also determine who may be the most suitable for a position and not rest solely on a score sheet.


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        It means they can fill a position taking anyone from the highest 10 scores on the list. They can do so for any reason or for no reason. Interviews are usually conducted to get a feel for the quality of the applicants, but if they already know who they want, they don't have to do interviews.

        If they are filling 10 vacancies immediately, the rule of 10 allows them to choose anyone from the top 19 highest scores on the list.
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