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  • Age?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am 32 years old and just started the process with a few different agencies here in SoCal. I have worked in the mortgage industry for the past 6 years and I have a college degree but no military. Here's my question: Do I have an advantage/disadvantage over some of the younger applicants? It seems like most people applying are in their low 20s. I would like to think that life experience would be attractive to a department, but I dont know. Thanks!

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    you would have some advantage because you're more maturer with job experience... age don't matter when it comes to the process...

    i had couple recuirts your age in my class... as long as you can hang it's all good.. i also had some younger ( 19-20 yr old) recuirts that could have used some more maturing.
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      I am by no means a LEO yet so please forgive me, but as I've seen in the agency I am currently in the Academy for, most of the "Rookies" that are FT now are between the ages of 27-35. Three of the students in our class are 30+. I believe that you, indeed, have a great advantage as far as life experience goes over some of the younger fellows but as ask80 mentioned the process is all the same regardless of age. I would say go for it anyway. All they can say is "No".


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        I went thru at 35/36 and had no problems. I actually enjoyed competing and mixing it up with some of the younger guys.

        We had 6-8 30+
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