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Capitol Police (First Department)


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  • Capitol Police (First Department)

    I was wondering if the Capitol Police would be a good place to start a career in law enforcement? I plan on appying soon but was hoping to get some advice on whether or not this would be a good place to start.

    Also is it difficult to transfer from a job like the Capitol Police to a local agency?

    Would I have to do the Academy all over again?

    Thanks in advance,
    Go ahead run from a police officer you will have plenty of rest in prison!!!

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    i think any type of LE experience would be a great start, whether federal, state,county local ... PD, SO, state trooper, Probation, parole, federal police, etc.... as long as you get your foot in... i believe most federal academies won't transfer to other non-federal agencies (like PD or SO). you learn federal law in the academy for federal LE. you learn state laws in a PD or SO academy... i believe most federal police (capitol, supreme court, FBI) are more security-type positions. i just visited DC and saw the capital police patrolling around the proximity and manning gates and standing around the capitol building... i would think it's a little boring but i don't know the job. i think the US Park Police do more enforcement type of stuff.

    but just get your foot in any LE agency...


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      So it would be a lot easier to transfer to another department because of the experience with the department right?

      I was told by a recruiter that it wouldnt help me but it wouldnt hurt me either.

      Thanks again
      Go ahead run from a police officer you will have plenty of rest in prison!!!


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        i doubt you could lateral transfer from a fed agency to a local agency. but i think the experience would help you in the process.


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          You can lateral from Capitol to many depts. but you will likely have to take a 8 week comparitve compliance class on local laws.

          Many are doing that right now into Maryland
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            A guy in my class of the New Castle County Academy was former capitol police...went to the federal Academy down in Georgia, and NCCPD didn't take his pre-certification, so he had to do the full 28-week local academy.

            From what he said, the Capitol Police is a pretty low-speed boring job...lots of traffic enforcement and building security.
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