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Will my Eczema DQ me from Federal Law Enforcement?


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  • Will my Eczema DQ me from Federal Law Enforcement?

    Hey all, like a lot of people I would like to be an SA. I am medically DQ'd from Millitary service. So heres some details: My eczema is on my Right leg, (Lower Right hip and knee) It doesn't bother me. I dont even notice it until I actually see it. Really, really hoping it wont be an issue. Thanks for your time! If it would be an issue, I would kindly ask to give a shoutout to a career you would do if you couldn't do this line of work.

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    I've never heard of eczema being a DQer. Isn't it treatable with medicine??

    Shoutout to other careers if I had eczema and it was a DQer:

    Investigative journalist

    One of those TV guys who travels the world and makes foodie shows (Anthony Boudain, Andrew Zimmern, etc.)

    Any gig that would fall under "consulting" (people I know who do any type of "consulting" make crazy dough).

    Home Inspector (I once paid $500 to a home inspector to be told the obvious, i.e.- that I needed a new roof).

    Cadaver Deliverer (I know people who work for an organ recovery service and are paid more money than you would ever imagine just to pick up bodies from morgues for delivery to the harvesting facility. Like 2K per day. Just have to own a Sprinter van.)
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      Maybe, maybe not.

      In its severe stage, eczema can effect your ability to handle weapons, apply restraints, etc. Because it is on your leg, that should not be an issue. However, eczema can also put you at greater risk of substantial harm from exposure to toxic substances and bodily fluids.

      Go here http://lib.post.ca.gov/Publications/Derm.pdf and read what it has to say about your condition. While these are California's standards, the medical principles behind them are fairly universal. Send a copy to your treating physician and ask him to read them. Then ask him to pretend he is employed by the Federal Government and being paid to look after their interest and not yours. Finally ask him if as the Federal Government's doctor, he would approve you for hiring based on these standards knowing what he does about your condition. That will give you a ballpark idea of where you stand.

      Even if he says he wouldn't approve you for hiring, I'd apply anyway. Standards vary ffom agency to agency and you never know what might happen with the Fed's doctors.
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        I was Dq'ed from military service for it but it was just a slight case on my hands. I was able to get a waiver. Did you attempt to get a waiver or were you denied? If you tried for a waiver and were denied then it might be bad enough to DQ you from some of the harder to get jobs. It will not effect your ability to join the Federal Bureau of Prisons or work for ToysRUS...


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