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Question about the lie detector.


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  • Question about the lie detector.

    I took the "Stress Voice test" thing a while back an had a question. Their were 2 questions that showed stess for, which is confusing to me because both of them were wrong.

    1) Have you ever received a traffic ticket except a parking ticket?
    I said "No."
    2) Have you ever sold, used, bought, traded drugs?
    I said "No."

    After the test, she showed me the graph, and said you showed stress on both of these question. Why is that? I was confused as heck. I've never receive a traffic ticket, besides, can't you just verify that? And I've never smoked, used, bought, sold, traded drugs. About the only involvement with drugs I ever had is the research of drugs. I am fascinated by how things work, and I've spent quiet some time looking up the chemical formulas for drugs and how they affect the mind and I am also a proponent of legalizing drugs since I think drug laws seem to cause more trouble than good.

    But other than that, I really don't how if I should worry. This test was taken like 2 weeks ago. My background is CLEAN. Not a single mark on my record, should I be worried about this?

    I mean, I have no traffic tickets, not arrests, never been sued, had 1 complaint by a customer in the 2 years of retail at my last job. Held steady jobs for the last 3 years (I am almost 21). Never had any complaints with my employer or co-workers. Never been sued or anything.

    EDIT: BTW, i took the same exact test 8 months ago before I joined probation and I passed the test with flying colors. Same machine, same exact questions, and I didn't have a single problem.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. If they didn't disqualify you, don't stress. I had the same thing happen to me with a Polygraph test (almost identical) and I still made it through. Good Luck!!!
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      The Voice Stress Analysis is not considered extremly acurate. More and more departments are going back to Polygraph now. Ask your BI how you did and whats next.
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