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  • Background Investigation

    Ok , I know there are a million post on here asking about backgrounds. So please just bare with me.

    If you have no "AUTO-DQ'S" and are completely honest on your background packet about the good , the bad and the oh so ugly in your past what would preclude you form going farther in the process?

    Is the background investigation more to see how honest you are or to look for reasons to drop you? I hear all these stories about 80-90% of the applicants who make it to the background phase failing. Why do so many people fail backgrounds?

    I've lived my life ( meaning: I haven't always been an angel!) but I spilled my guts on my packet. Now just waiting , waiting...............

    Written Exam: Passed
    Physical Fitness Test: Passed
    Oral Boards: Past
    Background: Waiting , waiting!!

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    the sgt/LT/Capt doesn't approve your background package

    so many other factors that come into play... the BI finds dirt on you that you didnt' disclose, your neighbors,references,bosses,co-workers gave bad recs on you. bad credit, immaturity, lack of experience, etc... this can go on and on..

    basically the BI will look at the overall package and see if you're cut out for the job. no one is an angel. just being upfront and honest will help. it's up to the BI and the command staff to see if you're good to go. you might have lots of red flags , that aren't auto-DQs, but combined makes you less attractice applicant than others.


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      is it common for them to hold bad credit against you if your younger (22 yrs)? my g/f and i lived together for a year and got by but we ran up some big credit card bills and incurred a few late payments etc. nothing serious, i think my credit rating is in the 600's.

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        The purpose of the background is to determine if there is anything in your personal history that meets the criteria for DQ. That criteria will vary from agency to agency. To get a feel for the background process, take a look at the Background Investigator's Manual, which can be found at:

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          One thing that I was told long ago while working as a BI is simply this: The majority of LE agencies are looking for honest, high integrity condidates- not angels. In the experiences that I've had, I've been told that if you're being honest, they can work with you depending on what the issues are. An agency would rather have you be honest than to spend thousands of dollars on you and find out at a later time that you lied about something. If your honest and don't get hired, then it's not the end of the world, find another agency. If you get hired and fired because you lied, then you just made the situation a lot worse.


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            The background might not be the problem. They may simply have a more qualified candidate that performed better in the interview and testing process. If it's a highly sought-after dept they may have the best of the best to choose from (not saying you not one of them).
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