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  • Appealing psych

    I recently received a letter in the mail from the fire and police commission stating rescinding of conditional offer due to results of the personality exam. In the letter it says I can test again during the next application period, it also states that I have the option to appeal. Is it worth appealing the psych? Has anyone here successfully appealed? If so, what can I expect for the cost and time? Any insight is appreciated. This is the first psych exam I've taken, it really sucks because I was so close to finally getting hired, and with a great department too.
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    I fail to see why anyone would want to work for an agency that has rejected you. Forcing someone to hire you isn't the best way to start a career.
    Retest when you are eligible and try again
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      I wouldn’t waste your time appealing. They clearly don’t want to hire you. If you try to appeal it may make you look bad with other agencies. Go find another agency and apply. Who knows, this may be a blessing in disguise. I was rejected by what I thought was my dream agency for similar reasons. I now work for another agency I had never heard of or applied to at that time and I love it here.


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        Being rejected on the psych basically means that you don't fit the personality profile that agency is looking for. Just accept it and move on; that department wasn't the right fit for you and there is a pretty decent chance you would've ultimately not been happy there.
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          Thanks for the answers everyone, I will continue testing elsewhere.


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            I don't want to counteract the advice others have given, but I did appeal a psych exam and it worked in my favor. However, it was a very different situation.

            I was already working for one department and I was looking to pick up part-time work at another. The 2nd agency required a written psych exam. A few days later they notified me that they had some concerns based on my results. I reached out to the chief (small department) and he invited me in for a chat.

            The chief told me that the exam indicated I may be too lenient regarding drug offenses. He told me some of the questions that the testing company had flagged. I explained why I answered the way I did. He decided the questions were open to interpretation, and decided to ignore the exam results.

            I ended up working for that department for more than 10 years, and they were very happy with me. I made plenty of drug arrests, including one of the largest ones the department ever had.


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              It definitely does seem like your situation was much different than mine, cosidering you were already a leo before the psych. That's great it worked out for you, hopefully the next time I take a psych exam the results will be in my favor, thanks for the response.

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