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Civilian position questions


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  • Civilian position questions

    Hi all! So I got a call yesterday from my local sheriffs department and was invited to come interview for an office assistant ll position on Monday. The sergeant told me the job entails front desk work, answering phones, accepting payments, finger printing of people coming in for other jobs within the department.

    My background, lots of finance and office experience. But, yes there is a but, I was involved in a traffic accident (not my fault) in 2010 the created problems with a spinal birth defect that caused me no problems previously. I ended up not being able to work. I do not collect disability but since I was unable to work I did not want to sit around and do nothing with my life so I decided to go to college and learn about something that has always interested me, criminal justice. I now have my AS in administration of justice and receive a BS in criminal justice next quarter.

    I have taken pain pain killers since the accident but I can honestly say I am the exception to the rule. I never misuse my medication and try ibuprofen and lidocaine patches before I got straight the controlled medication and in fact in the past 6 months I have stepped down my dosage twice so I am really excited and proud of that. Also I wil not take it until the evening when I know I am in for the night. But I do take an extended release medication every morning and night. The benefit of that is that it in no way makes me woozy. I do not like feeling weird. I don’t drink.

    I am scared red because I have one misdemeanor conviction on my record and if I knew then what I know now I probably could have fought it. I got pulled over and there was 1 Tylenol 3 pills on my passenger floor board. I had no clue it was there and I surmise it must have fallen out of my moms purse when she was visiting weeks before and just had dental work done. Well I was given PC 1000 and scheduled classes near my work, I got laid off and I had no money to get there and since I didn’t do drugs I had this attitude that I didn’t belong there anyways and I F’d it off. I know bad choice. So it went to warrant and I ended up turning myself in and did 10 days in jail. What an eye opener. Anyways that’s it as far as any criminal history.
    i also have an unpaid ticket, it’s $500 and my only income is 540 and rent is 460. If I get the job I could borrow money and pay it on the spot.

    I have not made the best decisions in my life but the past 15 years have turned me into a better person. I have faced many challenges and have overcome them. I would love nothing more to work in a position where I can give back to my community because my community has been there for me. This job could literally change my life. After I had to stop working my self-esteem got the floor. I want it back and this job would help a great deal. I worry about a lot of things and having this job would eliminate about 75% of my worry. I am still disabled to a point but I feel like I could handle this position and do a great job.

    so what advice is out there? Should I be upfront about how much this job would mean to me? My cousin works in probation in another state and she said one question she has been asked is what would make you better for this position over other applicants? So that brings up a feeling with me, how to market myself without putting down others. My thoughts on this question is, I am a single parent of 1 child with a reliable sitter, my mom, and the father is in Virginia so I do not have relationship issues or issues with the father to distract me, I do not drink so there would be no worry of calling out sick because I partied hard. I have almost 20 years of office experience and frequently dealt with angry clients. And I have worked really hard and had to sacrifice a lot to pave the way to a better future for my daughter and myself.

    What do you all think of that, and how should I approach my medications, disability, and my old conviction?

    thanks a lot!! I’m really nervous but I want this job so bad, I have had a lot of deaths in my family the past few years, added stress of taking care of others and I could really use a win right now and I feel that I genuinely deserve it. Also is the background checks as extensive for civilian positions as they are for deputy’s?

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    You are probably as well if not a bit better qualified than the average applicant for an "office job" in a LE agency.

    Since some people need to be told by notes in crayon .......Don't PM me with without prior permission. If you can't discuss the situation in the open forum ----it must not be that important

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