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  • Hiring Process Expedited

    Hey everyone!

    Im currently in the hiring process for a police department here in Delaware that is looking to hire individuals for the police academy in March of 2018! Informational meeting was on the 5th of January 2018. Received my background packet on the same day and submitted everything and packet on the 11th of January which was the same day as the written. Background investigations began 24th of January and Chief Interview originally scheduled for Week of 2/5, but the date was changed as selections were not made from the background of who was moving forward. The Chief Interview is now 2/16/18. Week of 2/19 will be the pre-employment process after conditional offers have been extended. This is the first time going through an expedited process and I haven’t heard anything from the background investigation yet. My explanation page was long as I wanted to be detail as possible for the investigator, but my spouse/friends/family haven’t gotten calls. This will be my 5th process since 2015 and I’m feel like background is where everything stops. I’ve never been arrested, I’ve had speeding tickets in the past that have been paid and no court appearances. I’m not sure if calls are only going to be made to individuals that have know me for 5 plus years only or what. Being a military spouse, I feel like that sometimes plays a role, with the worries of PCS order. The advantage I think I have is having a Masters and being able to speak both English and Spanish. I received an email that indicates, I’m still an active and current applicant so that’s definitely a good thing. Does being a military spouse sorta hurt your chances? Any feedback would be great!

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    No one here would have any idea why your people haven't gotten any calls or visits.

    Unfortunately, you may think that certain things are supposed to happen at logical points along some time line. They don't.

    Looking for those things will only drive you crazy when they dont happen when you think they should, or even at all.

    The only guarantee you're going to get is when they call and say "Report to this place on this date and time to begin the Academy".

    Being a military spouse does not hurt your chances. Stressing out DOES.
    You can trust just about every officer you work with to risk their life to save yours, but don't ever leave your lunch in the breakroom refrigerator.


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