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  • applying for corrections

    I am going to be applying for corrections here shortly when I get the application.

    Basically what I was wanting to know since they were very vague on the whole process is what is involved. I assume a background, physical and interview in front of some kind of board along with a general aptitude test, but other then those things what else is involved? Is their a PT test of some kind? I want to make sure i pass everything. Always wanted to either work corrections or be a LEO.

    I will be applying at Anamosa State Pen if that makes a difference on how the hiring process is.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.

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    can't speak for corrections, but generally here are the steps..

    1. initial application review
    2. written test (basic grammar, spelling,etc)
    3. physical agility test ( obstacle course)
    4. oral board interview ( sgt, ofc, and HR person)
    5. background package/interview
    6. polygraph/cvsa
    7. background investigation
    8. chiefs/captain's interview with conditional offer
    9. medical exam/drug test
    10. psych written
    11. psych interview
    12. THE call or THE thin letter.

    again, this may be out or order and not all places follow the same testing processes. good luck


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      I applied to a county jail. Screening process took about 2 1/2 weeks. Seemed longer though.

      The steps were, in my case

      1. General knowledge test (2 hours long common sense multiple choice)
      2. Get signed permission from doctor and take the physical ability test. Fairly easy standards like 20 situps, 23 pushups (they have to be perfect though), and run the 1.5 mile faster than 17 minutes.
      3. Polygraph test
      4. Background investigation (criminal/employment/credit)
      5. 20-25 minute interview with commander (didn't have to go in front of a panel)
      6. Psychological test (566 question MMPI and oral)
      7. Wait for job offer and further instructions
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