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    Hi everyone i'm new to the site and this is my first post. I have some questions, i'm sorry if this gets a little lengthy i'm just trying to get some answers and figure everything out. First of all, im a 19 year old freshman in college and an aspiring police officer i know it's what i want to do for the rest of my life. Here are my questions...

    1. Should i stay in school and finish my bachelors or leave to apply to an agency when im 20, i feel like i'd miss the hiring boom if i waited another 3 years. Anyone know the hiring outlook for California the next couple of years?

    2. Are any of these dq's? Citation for curfew when i was 17, citation for failing to provide proof of payment on public transportation in San Francisco, i smoked marijuana 3 times in high school and once in college but i have been clean ever since and plan on keeping it that way ( if i do stay for my bachelors and apply in a couple of years while being clean will i be fine?)

    3. I had a case of asthma when i was younger, however, it is not athletic induced and i have played sports my whole life without it affecting my performance, is this a problem?

    Thank you so much for your time, and again, sorry if this was unnecessarily lengthy!

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    Not sure on 2 and 3, but i'll chime in on the 1st one.

    Now, this is my opinion, and my opinion only, but, STAY IN SCHOOL! If, down the line you decide you want to get back into school, it's going to be much harder when you are working full time. And, i feel that if you want to be the best officer you can, you need the most knowledge you can get.
    Not to mention, when it's promotion time i'm sure that BA/BS will look darn good.

    AND, if for any reaon you decide LE isn't your thing, you get injured and can't be a cop anymore, or whatever, you'll always have that degree.
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      I'd recommend that you stay in school and complete your degree. Quite a few agencies are beginning to require them, and a few will pay you a little more if you have one. The "arrests" you mention don't sound all that serious, but be certain to mention them on your Background Package. Asthma? Might be a problem, but much will depend on a particular agencies' standards, as well as your current health.


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        stay in school. some places won't hire you if you have no real life experience, like college. if you drop out of college, what experience do you have? military? no.

        and some agencies might view the marijuana use as too recent. since you said you smoked it once in college, and i assumed you started college at 18. and now you're 19. so it's been less than a year. get a degree and some work experience or volunteer


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          thanks for your input, any others?


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