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Another Background Question


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  • Another Background Question


    I had a couple of quick questions about a few undetected crimes. I have no criminal record, just know that releasing this info will come up when it is time to apply and I wanted to see if these 2 were issue that were likely to DQ me at most places?

    1: I used a fake ID to buy beer a small couple of times, probably 3 4+ years ago.

    2: I've lived w/ my gf for the past few years in a home we own, I was of age to buy alcohol, she was not but we would drink together (rarely however). My brother who is underage has come over and had a few drinks with me before as well.

    How bad off? :| I plan on being 100% honest about these issues with all of them, but I'm trying to get an idea how most departments will look at this before I get started in the application process.

    Thanks guys, really appreciate it (I did search, didn't find much).

    - Taylor

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    That is a tough one for me to comment on. I just know that your intention of being 100% honest is the way to go.


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      If it is indeed limited to those two people and they are both close in age to 21 then it shouldn't be much of an issue at all. At least in this area it wouldn't be.


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        Thanks for the replies guys. My GF is 20, turning 21 in a few months and my brother is 19. It was never much either, it is on rare occasions, it just helps getting an idea on what to expect and kind of release the skeletons to be more at ease!

        I'm looking into AZ as well, AzDogs, if you have any advise on some great departments that are hiring please let me know!

        Thanks again!


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          I've been hearing back from a few recruiters (great response times as well, encouraging). They said they aren't auto DQ and just to be honest as they appreciate the honesty and integrity!


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