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  • Ongoing Application Processes

    Firstly, I would like to say I am new to this site and this is the first forum I have been a member of. And I thank anyone who responds to and leaves advice here. The situation that I am seeking advice for is as follows:

    I am 30 years old and from NJ, I am a father of two. I was first offered an opportunity in 2011 after graduating with my CJ degree. This opportunity was a Special II opportunity in an area shore town. A week into the academy my father suffered a heart attack so I exited the program. I also exited the correct way. The academy as well as department knew of the situation. Some time went on and in 2016 I was offered the same Special position with another area shore town. During the time I was offered this position, my first daughter was on her way and she was born in April. Due to her mother and I ending our relationship prior to her birth, I was then involved in family court proceedings and things of that nature. Consequently, I again resigned from the department and training program. The academy training began exactly a month to the day of when my daughter was born. I chose to exit the program 1. because I knew I was heading to court in the very near future, 2. being that my employment would be seasonal I would be without a job after the summer, and 3. it was all around just bad timing. I was utterly and totally worried about what the future would bring at this point.

    As you can imagine, my decision to leave that program and resign from the Special position is now hurting me. I have completed and passed all pre-employment measures set in place by every department that I apply with, but once they get into my background I am never selected to continue. My history looks like I am not serious about a career in law enforcement but that couldn't be further from the truth. I am asking for any solid advice that can be offered to possibly help me overcome the issues I am currently facing.

    Again, any advice would be greatly, greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all.
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    Leaving TWO academies is going to be a HUGE hurdle.

    Agecies just are not going to trust you not to bail again
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      Have you had the opportunity to explain this to the BI? Have considered moving to another part of the country?
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        Some will blacklist you simply for leaving one Academy.
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          I see it as a big stumbling block. One time I could understand, but a second time would really be a red flag.
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            Thank you all for the feedback. I've gotten the responses from you all that I already knew I would, so again thank you.


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