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    I'm planning on taking the police exams for three departments in the NYC metro area (Suffolk, Nassau, NYPD) and I'm a bit worried about the vision requirements disqualifying me even if I do ace the tests. My vision is pretty bad - somewhere around 20/400 uncorrected. However, my glasses correct it to 20/20 and if I pop in contacts instead it corrects to about 20/25.

    I spoke to a Nassau County recruiter about this, and she said as long as it corrects to around 20/20 I'm fine, regardless of how bad my uncorrected vision is. Suffolk County's recruiter, on the other hand, told me that if my uncorrected vision isn't at least 20/100 it's an automatic DQ during the physical exam. Suffolk's recruiter suggested looking into Lasik or some other vision-correction procedure if I score well on the county's police exam. Anyone ever heard of someone getting surgery to get into a department, or maybe even had vision surgery themselves?

    I haven't gotten through to an actual person at the NYPD, since they seem to have a bunch of voicemail systems rather than actual human employees. I'm guessing, given that I've read a lot on this forum and elsewhere about the NYPD having somewhat lower standards because of the crummy pay, they'd probably let me slide on the vision thing so long as it corrects to 20/20.

    Does anyone have any insight into this? Has anyone ever heard of someone getting a pass on the vision requirement if he does a bang-up job on everything else?

    Also, does anyone know what the rationale behind Suffolk's requirement might be? I could understand them requiring me to wear contacts rather than glasses (which do tend to get knocked off in a scuffle), but when would I ever be working without contacts in? I would never go to my current job (teaching) without my glasses or contacts, let alone a job where I might have someone trying to kill me...
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    Some type of laser correction is the ONLY way to go in LE in my opinion. I had it done and it was worth it. Glasses come off and contacts fall out... It happened to me.

    You need to be able to safely see without contacts OR glasses for a number of reasons including fights, spray, underwater activities(I was on the dive team), etc.


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